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  1. Calling you out cause I'm 6'3 and I try and tell myself that my height is perfect until some 6'4+ gets within close proximity. Every once in a while I'll be in the same room as a 6'7+ and it makes me realize what life must be like for all the 5'whatevers out there.


    Only potential drawbacks I've found are: airplanes, clothing, finesse (especially for board sports).

    I'm 6'4" and I echo this. I'm so used to being the tallest person in the room that when someone is taller than me, it creeps me out. I have one friend bigger than me, this monster of an ex-college b-ball player (6'7, 265) or so, and it took me a long while to finally get comfortable in his presence.

    Life has to suck for you short people out there.

  2. Need to reup on a rice cooker. A very stupid girl put the rice and water in the actual heating part, for some reason completely disregarding the container/pot right next to her.

    But yes, rice is godly. Best starch around.

  3. If she won't take it in the butt or at least blow you off... MOVE ON. Or fuck her in the shower. Whatever works for you.

    I know how this game work. Trust. I'm a little older than most of the people here (28), so this isn't some teenage hooking up bullshit where I'm on unsure ground. I've had my fair share of prudes who aren't about it and know not to fall for their games and I'm not getting that feeling from this chick. To tell you the truth, minus the sore dick, it was kind of fun since it was such a change of pace from the typical meet and bang the first night thing that happens most often these days.

  4. Spent the night rubbing by dick against the lace panties of this chick since she had her period. That dry humping made me feel nostalgic for early high school. But now my dick is sore from all that friction. Ugh.

  5. hung out with a girl yesterday she's like a female version of me. Except she seemed kind of put off when she asked me how many gf's I've had and I said "like 6 or 7". that's not even that many.

    How old are you?

    Of course, I'm 28 and I don't think I've been in stable enough relationships to have called 6-7 girls my girlfriend. I think I've topped out at 5 there. Flings and casual dating get my numbers way up there though.

  6. ^Not really an asshole per se, but someone with an edge

    Enough of a man to take them out for a nice dinner, but enough of a badass to suggest she bury her face in his crotch afterwards.

    Even something as simple as them being told you dont agree with them, or you view what they say as being incorrect seems to get them off. Most of the prettiest women only get told from men that they are right, they never get challenged.

    Be that one guy who has a mind of his own and your gold IMO

    +1 Be nice but don't be a push over.

  7. Pretty much. People who take pride in not having Facebook accounts are the new version of those people who brag about not owning TVs.

    Don't add dickheads, coworkers, older family members and random people you aren't actually friends with and it's fine. I mostly use it to keep track of events people are having and it's also a good way to get pictures of my activities since I never carry around a camera. Having pictorial evidence of my 20's seems like a decent idea.

  8. that's tv. and plus they trying to send an endearing message about the half breed protagonist. did he get the bad aids 2?

    see japs nowdays imo don't hate flipinos, but just sorta look down on them. no real vile hate like b4. they just don't give a shit and the smart ones know that filipinos and alot southeast asians do the jobs in japan that alota japs don't wanna do. and 4 cheap. so many filipinos in japland, that most japs are already used to them already. so the hate is diluted to the point of "oh...another filipino. whateva." or at least the japs i know who have even took the time to talk about such things.

    I was using a bit of hyperbole with the "hate" comment before. I basically meant that they were like the Mexicans of Asia.

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