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  1. Artist Denim

    Pretty excited to receive my straight legs, fabric 1 with blue arcs and fully lined back pockets. Check it: http://web.me.com/artistdenim/styled-35/styled-42/page49.html
  2. Artist Denim

    Hey Gun any progress on the straight fit? Found another tailor?
  3. Artist Denim

    You might want to have a look at ande whall's sizing, specifically the cougar model for a straight fit. http://andewhall.bigcartel.com/style-guide-size-charts
  4. Leathercrafting Creations: PYC

    Thought the thread might appreciate this leather touchpad
  5. waywt? saved my life

    Check it http://michaeloandersen.typepad.com/blog/2010/04/recieved-shwood-east-indian-rosewood.html
  6. FS: KMW Rockers w33 MiJ

    Another bump, make me offers!
  7. Just playing around with the macro on my camera and thought some people might be interested. Let me know if you'd like to see more. PBJ 007: APC NS: Levi's Jacket MiUSA: Ande Whall Slackers:
  8. FS: KMW Rockers w33 MiJ

    Bump it up
  9. Ande Whall Denim

    I know I was frustrated by the lack of photos of the new Japanese denim so hopefully some of these photos will help convince people of the great jeans Ande makes. These are Slackers I got on March 5. Warm soak made them pretty hairy and they have a very subtle slub to them which should lead to some awesome falling. The raw denim has a really nice reddish purple caste in the sunlight which is now fading into some beautiful blues.
  10. FS: KMW Rockers w33 MiJ

    Cheap jeans, bump it!
  11. FS: KMW Rockers w33 MiJ

    Bump it up!
  12. FS: KMW Rockers w33 MiJ

    And another drop, let's sell these!
  13. FS: KMW Rockers w33 MiJ

    Another drop, make an offer!
  14. FS: KMW Rockers w33 MiJ

    Price drop make me an offer!
  15. FS: KMW Rockers w33 MiJ

    Up for sale are a pair of sample KMW Rockers I bought from Jay from Blue Owl, you know the deal: Made with incredibly soft Zimbabwean cotton Rope-dyed with Natural Indigo Made in Japan Back pocket Hidden Rivets Deerskin Leather Patch Red & Blue selvage line A great dry selvage jean in a slim fit Soaked once when I got them, very slight fading on whiskers and right back pocket, exaggerated by the florescent lights Measurements: Waist: 16.75 but tagged 32 Front Rise: 10.25 Back Rise: 15.25 Thigh: 12 Knee: 8.5 Leg Opening: 8 Inseam: 30 - hemmed them myself, w/ rope-lined to promote roping, the stitching is a little uneven but not at all noticeable except up-close Feel free to contact me for more info or pics Looking for $105 OBO USD shipped to Canada or CONUS