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  1. 3 hours ago, CARLOOA said:

    The previous several pages has been a fun read but ultimately, seems like someone was profoundly unhappy with their quarantine time.

    I'm sure you already know that I think the head to toe Acronym is cheesy, but some people are just enthusiasts. It's the clout-chase-y ones that it's definitely a bad look for. Like, just tag #techwearlooks and the ten other techwear hashtags if you want that sweet dopamine rush of external validation.

    To me only, and I do mean only@originalprogram and @thatslapz can do the Acronym product shot fitpics without making me groan.

    lmao at this

    so people rocking ACR head to toe is fine, unless their chasing clout... -- but you also like how originalprogram styles ACR

    Meanwhile, originalprogram posts fits on ACRHIVE looking for that clout, that sweet "sweet dopamine rush of external validation" 

  2. 26 minutes ago, drgitlin said:

    Acronym for instagram? Nah, I wear acronym because Robin Williams.



    ID on the pants he's rocking in this pic?  Looks like epic 

  3. 12 hours ago, piece keeper said:

    The pattern-making and articulation is what really sets ACR apart, but these are technical details that are largely "invisible" to the naked eye, and even more so to the consumer that has no idea about garment construction to begin with. That's why you get kids that say it's over-priced.  

    Unless you are a patternmaker, or someone with connections/ heavy experience in apparel manufacturing  -- justifying the price by garment construction is pure speculation. Believing the garment is actually extremely costly to be produced to rationalize the fact that it is expensive for you to buy.  

    As @beepy mentioned, Tilak coats that were previously made in the same exact factory as ACR's with identical construction in many cases, and Poutnik's GTX line was/is still sub  $500.  Yes other factors affect price, but not so much that ACR's jackets should be anywhere close to 3-4X Tilak's 

    Funfact -- most of acr's cropped pants over the years (p17, p23 , p25, p27) can be made in a small fraction of the time it takes to produce most of their jackets, but are still around the 1100-1200 mark. Simple patterns do not equal a proportionately lower priced product.  We are paying the large upcharge on the fact that it is Acronym, not the complex garment construction 

  4. 1 minute ago, AvantSol said:

    Why is this a surprise considering they released a magazine all about the J1a.

    um well a release of a piece of paper is a lot different than diluting their actual product 

  5. 5 minutes ago, eidolarr said:

    FYI "penultimate" means "second to last" -- what a useless word, right? -- which is probably not what you meant here


    Interesting. never having played the game, I'm just looking at it for what it is, and I love the color palette.

    haha thanks ;)


    Jacket all sold out folks, must've been a really small number! 

    Pants look to be a p33 variant but with pockets (that look like) the p10A pockets. 

  6. if the J1A is recognized as the grail acronym jacket to acquire,  I find it odd that there are more j1a releases than almost any other jacket or product.  Talk about diluting the reverence around their most known piece.   It diminishes the shine of owning one, copping, or even seeing one in the wild when its like this. 


     a jacket that came out once every couple years is coming out with multiple variants per season?   

  7. ^ the smack talk will never stop lol,  don't worry about getting warnings if your just speaking the truth to some wheaties who pretend they can't read 

  8. clean fit i dig the versatility @dixonschneider

    @nigel1 same here man,  was on the edge of snagging em' but was scared of the excess crotch material draping funny.  wasn't sure if the pic below was just styled lazily. 

      gonna pass after confirming that but i dig the new cut otherwise


    crotch 2.jpg

  9. 6 hours ago, Xu Jianfeng said:

    you’ll instantlly noticed the difference of the materials though they same ds, guessing is because the factory process on material jittering somehow. Im sure on the made in china side but the total output of 30a not reaching my expectitions(no, j1a made in china version is cool to me).

    it might sounds subjective but should be more carefully when we embrace the next piece from chinese factory.



    1 hour ago, Yan90 said:

    The material was made in EU. There are many variations of -ds fabric (thin, thick, -ds extreme etc). So what the main difference?  Overall fit?Fits the same for me, maybe the advanced version drapes/looks better sometimes  (ofc depends on the belt system configuration : waist stacks on the front/back/both sides). 

    But i can notice some crooked stitchings, different buckles, webbing on my p30a. 


    although doesnt affect function, sounds like it surely is worthy to note that the made in china pieces have some crooked stitching and are slightly less meticulous on the manufacturing side -- i think many folks who buy their first ACR pieces are at least relatively impressed with how impeccable the craftsmanship and seams are (as the craftsmanship probably should be with the current price points)


  10. 7 hours ago, nathan_ said:

    Although I'm not the biggest fan of shorts, I'm definitely with you, and would love to see more for variation's sake, but I guess they're not as ideal as pants in most scenarios, so the team wants to only put out the best that they can, and not just plain shorts.

    this is true, but i'd think one spring/summer in the past 5 years they'd re-drop them -- if they ever had planned on it.  shorts are ideal for spring summer. 

    It seems to me that they've moved on from the normal articulated cargo short/ bdu short pant style and have gone to the much more dramatic hakama/harem/dropcrotch pant style and don't seem to be looking back.  p22, p23, p25, p27, p30 ...  


    and on that note, i'm also hella surprised they haven't released a modified J4TS, one of the most subtle lowkey, yet iconic pieces.  

  11. 13 minutes ago, BRICK DOM said:

    P30a has the detachable cuffs. A is advanced, though that doesn't necessarily mean more pockets.

    gotcha thanks, im curious why @Xu Jianfeng thinks the initial p30 is more favorable than the p30a if the fit is exactly the same, and the cuffs are removable anyways. figured it must be a slight fit variation

    history seems to repeat itself just with very slight variations.

    p17 ---> p23 very similar to a p17 maybe a bit baggier up top, with a stretch elongated cuff

    p30 ---> p30a is a p30 with a stretch cuff (but with zipper to detach)


    not sure why they haven't redropped any of the old SP short models, those are what i'd like to see most in terms of re releases 


  12. 10 hours ago, Xu Jianfeng said:

    To me the p31 is kind version 1.1 of p15.  Slightly awkward was fact that it is like the p30 and p30a, the early version wins anyhow.

    p17 reminds me heavily of some Uniqlo ezy pants though, another story.

    i havent been keeping up with the nuances of recent releases.   whats the fit difference between p30 and p30a?

  13. 18 minutes ago, solographik said:

    What you’re saying is correct. Also worth noting that the p31 is essentially the re-released p15

    thank ya brother.  i guess maybe the fit is ever-so-slightly altered, otherwise i'm confused as to why they designed a whole new pant #.

  14. can anyone confirm or deny that the p15 is basically the pant version of the p17?  or is there another cropped pant model that it is closer to in fit/ upper block. its been years. 

    @xumatrix @daniel  any help on this 1 fellas?


  15. WTB:

    Old pre-2014 ACR pieces - M-L , the more worn, the better

           like p13, p15, ds-j5, ss-j4, j11, e-j4ts,  p17, j22, j30, j31, e-j1a, grey melange ss-j16

    Old Shorts in M-L, the more worn, the better

          like sp1-ts,  sp3-e, sp12, sp3x 


    thinking of you, @xumatrix :)  both lovers of old style ACR 

    and @daniel if you know of any folks who need clear some extra space in their closet, you know who to hit up ;):tongue:

  16. edit _ nvm. 

    I would call gore and see if they have any scraps or B grade WS that you can purchase. 

    just to give you an idea of actual WS cost, you could buy approximately 80 yards of WS for the same price of a CP4.  

    Which makes the project pretty insane from a price efficiency standpoint 

  17. 14 hours ago, DavidMN said:

    Just my references for (if) the hoods change. I know it's not the most ideal reference in the world, lol. I just wanted to know if there was a surefire answer as to whether the hoods change by size, I'd imagine they would but I'm also not an expert.  




    Hood sizes will definitely get larger by size as you stated :)

    How do i know? I have produced and created patterns for countless hooded garments and parkas.


    easiest way to think about it -- if you move up from a medium to say, a large, generally speaking all the panels will be slightly expanded (some parts of the garment will increase in size more than other parts of the garment forsure, ie. the chest measurement will increase much more than the length of the jacket) , but without getting into it too deeply, this means that the actual opening to the hood will absolutely be larger because of the fact that the corresponding panels are larger (which means the neckline and collar area circumference or arc length will be different and need a larger hood to accommodate

    In simpler terms -- the actual "shape" of the hood may stay the same but it will sure fit you differently. 


    Those who think someone who wears a size small J32 could buy a size or 2 up and still have the hood fit the same, are

    not using much common sense..

  18. 3 hours ago, DavidMN said:

    What dye did you use for black stotz? I have some P9-S's that I'd like to redye a bit darker, but I have been hesitant since I don't really want to ruin the waistband details. 

    I have tried dying black stotz multiple times and it has not been successful  -- the egyptian cotton mechanism  ( the fabric tightens up, and the pores close, in order to reduce water absorption)

    actually works too well, making it so the liquid dye can't penetrate the fabric deeply. 


    If anyone has had real successful getting a deep black, let me know.. 

  19. 1 minute ago, lopiteaux said:

    I was also surprised at how many of the ACRONYM insiders reposted the images... It's a little cringey imho.

    Agreed -- that is solely what I'm referencing.  If it was some newjacks who just got into ACR that would be one thing.


    For enthusiasts to be reposting those images is just embarrassing, next level cringey.  Ya'll need Drake to validate your purchases for you? :ph34r:

  20. 2 hours ago, Flipflop214 said:

    First rule of Acro-club is to tell ChampagnePapi to stop wearing ACRNM.

    What's worse than champagnePapi rocking acronym? 

    Acronym/Drake dickriders posting the picture in their little Instagram stories, tagging erlsn.acr and champagnepapi 

    to have a .01% chance that they notice you... 


    Then simultaneously acting like their annoyed that said champagnePapi is wearing ACR....:blink2:


  21. 2 minutes ago, piece keeper said:

    Looks to be GT-J29

    Agreed -- this iteration must be mighty old, because the last pac lite version of the gt-j29 (i believe) was 09-10, but it had zippered access to the bottom hand pockets which I don't see in the j29 



    @Dakota just curious where did you purchase it, that didn't have the jacket name in the listing description? 


  22. 1 hour ago, hooper said:

    so for those who followed along with the vapormax release, when was it the best time to buy from resellers? immediately after all the releases are out of the way, a few days after, a week or two? for a canadian, resale is already looking cheaper than having bought new from acrnm.com.

    :) its funny how this happens isnt it, yes we'll probably be able to grab at retail or slightly less.  wait 1-2 weeks and there should be an influx of them on grailed and ebay,

    and prices will drop


  23. @the-internUnderstood, but the real damage mayve been done after ur insta post having hundreds  shun that profile.  Too hasty


    Chill of you to smooth over stuff with Kickstarter though, and it doesn't look like it will be successful . It doesn't seem like the padding or internal webbing  feature r very well advertised which is what i was real psyched on.

    Every1 starting just wants to buy fabric and buckles lolll so I like to support the people just coming in .. unless your that guy sx3am or 1kcorp.






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