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  1. Nearly brand new (worn less than five times), bought from ironheart.co.uk. A little big on me, so I'm putting them up to see if anyone could put them to better use. My own pictures can be seen here. You can see more about the pants here (including measurements): http://www.ironheart.co.uk/bottoms/ih-555-01.html Sanforized, so you get the sizing listed above. $260. Price does not include shipping. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.
  2. Recent Purchases 2013

    Can these still be found anywhere?
  3. what are you reading today?

    100 Years is an incredible book - read it on the beach over a week in Cancun, and it was pretty much my favorite part of the vacation. Wish I could read it in spanish.
  4. Rogue Territory Jeans

    Best way to get a hold of these guys for returns? I emailed them, but it's been a week now, and I'm worried I'm going to lose my resolve and wear the jeans.
  5. Urban Techwear

    Tts, like, what your waist actually measures? I've got a true 36 inch waist, but typically wear a 34 in outlier.
  6. Urban Techwear

    not just you. on another note, how does using those outlier 3-way shorts as swim trunks work out? I've got a week on a beach in Cancun coming up, and was thinking about using them as such. Seems like they'd work pretty well.
  7. Pure Blue Japan

    Is there any schedule to when BIG gets new jeans in? Really want a pair of xx-013s, but they don't have my size.
  8. Rogue Territory Jeans

    Got my double indigo work shirt today - fucking awesome. I'm 6'2" 200, and the xl fits me perfectly - slim, but not tight. It's fairly heavy, more like a shirt jacket than just a shirt. Should be pretty great for most texas winter days. Arms hurt like hell though - worth doing a cold soak, or even a wash?
  9. is rakuten's us shop a reasonable place to buy stuff - vis in particular? got my eye on something, but the whole thing is a little bizarre. i'm not sure, for instance, if i do not hope for lapping.
  10. Iron Heart Jeans

    Since the size chart is no longer on SE, I figured I'd ask here - do the 9301s and the 301s fit the same? I've got a pair of 9301s in 32 that fit quite well, maybe a bit tight, and thinking about the 301s in 33, but the measurements on SE seem small.
  11. what are you reading today?

    Somewhat coincidentally, I finished The Corrections about a month ago, and I'm now about 300 pages into Gravity's Rainbow - really enjoying it so far, although I definitely have to fall into the cadence before anything makes sense. Also, HBO is adapting The Corrections.
  12. fuck #menswear

    I, for the most part, couldn't care less what other people are wearing, but fuck, the "clothing=character" thing is obnoxious. Worst offender on my dashboard is Mostexterent, who seems like a good guy, but fuck referring to some jawnz as Grown Man Style and acting all goddamned holier than thou. Also, complaining about people being dressed by the internets. Or normal people dressing poorly. Serious pet peeves. Finally, I only use the word fashion ironically, and I'll never, ever comment seriously on what is popular "this season".
  13. GYAKUSOU : undercover lab + nike

    Just received the lunar spiders in plum - don't know how anyone is wearing these true to size. I had just bought the faux GIRA colorway nike free's through nikeid, and these fit way, way smaller. So yeah, someone save me from having to ship these back to End Clothing - US 11, only tried on, PM me if you're interested. Other than that, I bought the black sweat hoody, and it's fucking awesome. Probably will mostly wear it as streetwear, because in Dallas, the amount of the year where I need anything other than a tee to run in is like two months, at most.
  14. Recently bought these from someone on the other SF - rare, gorgeous pair of jeans, but the thighs and calfs are rather too tight on me. Here are the measurements he gave - Incidentally, I beg to differ on these fitting a 34 - I wear a 32 in the SExIH07 Bk, and while the waist is fine, the thighs are impossible. So - size these according to the thighs. Looking for $125. Here are his pictures, stolen - Some of my own crappy pictures can be found here. Also for sale - PBJ xx005bks, in a 31. Measurements and pictures will come. I had these tapered, and then un-tapered, so there are some very, very small, pretty much imperceptible holes running from the hem to the knee - again, almost invisible, and will only get less visible with wear. Besides that, these are pretty much brand new - only wore them like three times. Looking for 120 shipped. Or, do both for $200, and get a crazy good deal on brand new black jeans. Again, feel free to make offers, but nothing crazy - these are already running about half what I paid.