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  1. Haha yeah. Next to break in is the Strike Gold 3105's I will put up the rest of my collection down the track - these are just what I have on rotation atm.
  2. The 3 stages of my life. A.P.C.'s - 3 years Neuw's - 2 years Lee's - 3 months
  3. Post Your Creations (pics, artwork, media, design...)

    I launched my label today called Part Time. Before the full collection is released, I decided to drop a single design that best represented my vision and future journey. The piece started out as a test for myself to see what was possible and what were the limits of screen printing. It ended up being the most complex pieces I have ever created, and one of the most rewarding. Here are some shots from the shoot to give you an idea of the visual aesthetic for the label.
  4. Style Inspiration

  5. Post Your Creations (pics, artwork, media, design...)

    Currently putting together the folio for the launch of my studio's new website. Here are some cropped previews of what I do 9-5 more up in my instagram
  6. Tattoos

    Couple of ones I got yesterday from Andrew (better shots on his instagram)
  7. Post Your Creations (pics, artwork, media, design...)

    I have been playing around with my screen printer to create texture both in touch and in a visual sense. This is a result of using mixed inks including a glass bead reflective ink. This particular garment is just a sample for sign off, so needed some tweaks. Final garments will be up online in a few weeks http://instagram.com/_part_time | http://p-a-r-t-time.tumblr.com/
  8. Post Your Creations (pics, artwork, media, design...)

    I recently did a collaboration with Ethel Vaughn where my art was used across the collection. Here are some shots of the art & the final result. DIE TO RULE - AW 14
  9. Instagram!

  10. Photography Post Vol. 2

    Here are some more from the X-E1
  11. Photography Post Vol. 2

    Thanks. One of the most fun cameras I have owned. Perfect for everyday carry and travel without loosing on features and quality. Will put some more shots up tonight.
  12. Photography Post Vol. 2

    All shot on a FujiFilm X-E1 since Jan this year
  13. Tattoos

    Here is the rest of the sheet all done.
  14. Tattoos

    One piece of a new flash sheet I did last night.