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  1. Apparently there will be 4.5 cm too which are the ones I plan to get. 6 cm is nice but a bit out of my comfort zone.


    i can confirm this.  the french 45 boot is in the pre-order book


    one is a side zip and the other is the two-snap buckle (basically this one with the 45 heel http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/shoes-french-booties-french-85-snap-ankle-boot-in-black-cracked-shiny-leather_cod44838529qc.html#dept=shoes_men_&itemPage=2) 

  2. perhaps not, but in terms of consistency, quality, and control i believe it to be the best choice for my needs.  it develops black and white, c41, and e-46.  it develops formats from 35mm all the way up to 4x5 (all in one drum).  you can program your own developing processes to add an extra rinse, push / pull, etc.  i'll post some scanned negs and more of my thoughts in here once i've used it!


    bumping thread.  


    how did this go?  pics please

  3. Yo, how can I buy a lufthansa rimowa from the world shop and get a tax refund?



    lol i bought a rimowa from Galeria Kaufhof at alexanderplatz but i forgot to get the tax refund.  apparently you can mail in the rebate too? you may wanna look into that instead of avoiding the hassle and stress of doing the refund and checking it in all at once


    I remember seeing images of an old abandoned observatory on top of a hill with an amazing view of Berlin, anyone know about it / anything similar? 




  4. missed the velvet collar chesterfield coat the first time ... will pick up this time around.


    the pins are funny.  (is that a lipstick pin or a dagger?  i can't really tell from the detail pics.  whatever)


    those fucking heels.  u can;t dance in those hedi.  trying to make dudes trip and fall in 2015...


    cool "greatest hits" collection..  will sell well for obvious reasons


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