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  1. realize its all tumble weeds and swinging doors over here now, but i refuse to comment on that other site.

    Like that they're still riding for Timberland. Cant really call it on these. A wheat chukka just isnt worth it to me. Can't really see red being my color and navy is like Obama in the last election.

    Still hoping for a 6" one year.

  2. ^^ Those sweatshirts are either the superfleece crewneck (average price of $60) with a bunch of stars and the tiny word "supreme" strewn about or a custom fit champion fleece crewneck to supreme's spec with a bunch of stars and the tiny word "supreme" strewn about.

    Either way you cant really say you're being over charged as in either case, you cant get said crewneck anywhere else.

    Also, this is a pretty tired argument. You know how much silk costs? not a lot and hermes still sells scarves for $400.

    Brands get to charge what they want when people keep buying. deal with it.

  3. LOL. And take advantage of the supply/demand?

    you an economist or do you just have a boner for the english language?

    i assume you were making light of the fact that i went unorthodox with my phrasing. You're smarter than me. Kudos.

  4. timb hikers are serious late pass... you know youre running behind when abington beats you by 2 years

    yea I was going to say, those Timb's are trash. Field boots without pink fur or a variant on the wheat boot would have been tight.


    Thats the regy model. It's not even remotely like anything from the Abington line.

    Personally, i'm psyched to see more pics and think they could be tight. Admittedly the two more popular styles (field and 6") would be better but i'm not just going to dismiss these from 1 top view pic of a relatively unknown model.

    also, as Ready knows, i just really like Timberland.

  5. looking for recs on some kind of product. currently use murray's (i'm white tho). keep it slicked back most of the time. need something between juicy and dry. preferably something that builds up, so that by day 3, i dont need to put anymore in.

    any knowledge will be appreciated.

    I'm also pretty cheap in this regard.

  6. If anyone wants those stupid safari caps (red and black colors only), I'm selling for $70 shipped in the USA, $98 International.

    PM me and my apologies for this intrusion to an otherwise scintillating thread.

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