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  1. hmm i'll check out some of the mission workshop stuff. looks affordable. Seems like Bagjack NXL is already in the 3rd arm ballpark which makes it seem less of a choice compared to acr anyway. Killspencer and lexdray just don't do it for me though. I think the lexdrays are made real nice, but still looks like every other messenger.

    edit: I should also mention that I'm looking for something that looks like it has good support/stability and doesn't fling back and forth when walking, not flopping, etc

  2. i have a macbook pro 2.2ghz i7 i bought sometime in august - sometimes it says it has No battery and won't work without the charger, but sometimes it will be completely fine. happens in between sleeping or just starting up. tried googling some solutions to it, but nothing seems consistent. halp

  3. Hey fellas. Selling two great, awesome quality jackets here. Both have only been tried on and never worn by me. Paypal only. PM me if interested or bump :)

    TOJ1 sz. 48 w/ sleeves and body length of a 46.

    P2P: 20.7

    Front length: 22.4

    Back Length: 24.2

    Sleeve length: 29.5

    Width @ pit: 7.5

    width @ cuff: 5.5


    -I'm 5'7" and this length works for me. Selling because I still have my original TOJ1 and I feel like i'd rather have another piece in my wardrobe over two similar varsities

    -I haven't seen another in this colorway yet, so the body and the arms are olive with camo #2 - green/tan

    -Only tried on, never worn out.



    detailed shots:






    Price: $345 --> $300 shipped

    IH-526J Type 3 Denim Jacket

    Measurements taken from ironheart.co.uk: http://www.ironheart...&products_id=48

    Length: 22.6

    Shoulders: 17

    chest: 20.5

    Bottom: 36.7

    Arm: 24.2


    -Bought from another user here (planetarium) that practically didn't wear it out at all - jacket looks brand new and there are no signs of fading. I literally tried it on, decided it wasn't for me and so I'm putting it back up for sale at same price (i lose a lil bit on shipping but its all good).

    -I was on the fence whether a denim jacket would work into my wardrobe, but most of what I own is already blue and have similar styled jackets.

    -i love iron heart denim and this piece is amazing quality.

    -Color is hard to capture, so i tried to get a few different shots. Just think of your dark raw denim :)







    Price: SOLD

    edit: located in SF if anyone wants to do local

  4. hope the hon crew gets dota 2 keys. Had to dual boot my comp to play dota 2 but its been pretty fun lately. just added invoker into the game. The turning speed is a lil difficult to get used to though. overall i dont think the level of competitiveness is too difficult just yet

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