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  1. Rethreading the crank arm would be a bit weird, because I think I would have to helicoil it. Not sure who could do this successfully in the Sac area.

    I did contact the bike shop I bought it from in Colorado Springs (via eBay) and they requested pictures and contact info and told me they would ask for the crankset back, request a replacement from Bianchi, and send them to me free of charge. They never asked a question.

    Sounds good to me, but I'll need to keep in mind that Truvativ Touro is pretty much garbage to me. Hopefully I'll move to some Sugino RD cranks (or better) soon.


    (I apologize if I'm obnoxious/ignorant; I'm new to fixed gear riding.)

    I have a 2008 Bianchi Pista that I was riding/commuting with. I finally threw on some riser bars and was riding around testing them out. Suddenly, my foot releases from the pedal and I'm on the ground. The pedal was ripped from the crank arm. I took my bike inside and saw the mess: the pedal had stripped the crank. FUCK.

    As a speed bump, the crankset was stock: 48T Truvativ Touro; the pedals were cheap Wellgos. The pedals were properly screwed in, tightened, and greased.

    In anger, I did some decent research and found a few others on the Interwebz that had the same shit happen. Coincidence? Regardless of anger of shitty cranks, I need to fix this one way or another. I see my options as:

    1) Replace crank arm (moderate to high difficulty; I don't really want to as the same shit component would be replaced.)

    2) Replace crankset (high difficulty; I'm broke and the only think I would even be able to remotely afford soon would be a Sugino RD.)

    3) Sell the Bianchi Pista/part it out; purchase new fixie (moderate difficulty; not sure what I could get/who to sell it to/etc.)

    Everything else is in perfect working condition. The only "flaws" are 4 incredibly small, yet noticeable, surface scratches on the frame of the bike. Other than that, the seat post, steam, and stock bars show typical wear for a 5 month old bike used somewhat frequently.

    What the fuck do I do?... I'm so pissed/broken about this shit.

  3. Front Rise: 10"

    Back Rise: 13"

    New Cure are slimmer throughout, whereas Petit Standards are tapered slightly to give a straight leg cut. Petit Standards are essentially just slim New Standards. With my experience, they fit fairly similar to Dior 19cm sized down 1 (as opposed to 2, i.e., New Cure). The rise is also lower on the Petit Standard than both the New Standard and New Cure, and the hem is smaller on the Petit Standards than on New Cures so you get really nice stacking.

  4. Hey I'm looking for measurements on size 30/31 NC, NS and PS, either stretched or new. Mainly need thigh and waist. Can anyone help a du out?

  5. Just a little shameless self promotion, while being on topic:



    I have two pairs of size 30 MIJ 19cm's for sale, one being black raw and the other Soft Interference. The Soft Interference are pretty rare to track down nowadays. They're made of a cotton weave that's really lightweight but comfortable as hell. They're cut like 19cm jeans but can't really be considered "jeans" as they're not denim.

    As a comparison, they're a lot like the 17.5cm Drill's of this season (or last season, I forget) and kinda like the current Super Slenders but just softer.

    And aside from being a promotionwhore, does anyone have any thoughts on the Bolt from the Blue jeans? Also, does anyone have a pair of the new Super Slenders?

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