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  1. show me your clarks!

    Hi, I have those too.
  2. show me your clarks!

    Love my Clarks. I would wear them everyday but I hate how they are not waterproof - would wear my DBs more but they just soak up the rain. Also, my brown wallabees are reaching the end now, I've got it resoled twice. The sole on the second attempt was complete reconstructed as best the cobbler could. I suspect this is a difficult task altogether - he tried his best but it's coming apart (again). Can't really see from the picture but they are my favourite shoes. Wanted to resole with Vibrams but so expensive - you could buy a new pair with that kind of money. Any suggestions to salvage? I love that brown pair
  3. De-stinking leather hi-tops

    I've read that tea bags could help. Report back?
  4. Kate Upton appreciation thread

    desperately needing a mirror for broken youtube link
  5. show me your clarks!

    Got my Wallabees sorted at a local cobbler in Malaysia. Resoled and polished! In a year, I wore them almost EVERYDAY to hospital, walked miles on the road and the crepe sole was showing the sponge support underneath. It was really scuffed up and I enjoyed that look. You see it here well polished and the browns slightly deeper than I'm used to. All great nonetheless. Really happy to have my everyday wearer back in my possession. It took them about a week to sort out.
  6. show me your clarks!

    both my DB and wallabees are pretty beat up. Wear them almost everyday. Anyone know a cobbler in London that can fix a crepe sole? Would love new soles on both of these, then I can start wearing them to bits again and again and again. Or anywhere in the UK that would ship and fix. Thanks /or I could do vibrams like the above - but not really keen on that
  7. usa :: chicago :: general

    I loved Wormhole, visited them three times over while I was there. Used mapz coffee guide on page 6 to find my caffeine. Caffe streets on division was very good too. Love the zen decor inside.
  8. usa :: chicago :: general

    ^thanks mapz, just left Chicago, spent 5 weeks there, 4 weeks being a student at Northwestern Memorial (now no longer a student - fuck yea!) and 1 week with the girlfriend just seeing the sights and eating lots. Unfortunately the open mic was really late (after 2330hrs and we were exhausted by then). Overall, I felt we had a well planned week, so if anyone wants a pretty chill week they could use this itinerary as a guide. Tuesday - Southport Grocery, Lincoln Park Zoo, Hancock Tower, Mirai Sushi, SubT Wednesday - XOCO, Art Institute (Lichtenstein was meh, The permanent collections of Monet and La Grande Jette were way more amazing so always worth a visit), Millennium Park, ALINEA! Thursday - CAF boat tour, DMK Burger Bar, Second City 100th Revue Friday - complete write-off! We tried to do Hot Doug's in the afternoon but the crowd was two hours long around 2pm. It wasn't because they had a huge crowd but rather because the hot dogs took a while to prep maybe? There were empty tables in the shop but the line was stagnating so we left and chilled around Wicker Park before dinner at The Bristol and evening at Double Doors for DJ Quik. Saturday - Lula's Cafe, Logan Theatre, Shaw's Crab House, BLUES bar Sunday - Super hot while we were here (35 degC), brunch at Bongo Room, Memorial Day weekend foiled our plans to visit the Shedd Aquarium. I went instead to Barneys to grab an A.P.C coat. Evening at the Neo-futurarium for Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind. A definite must see. Dinner at HopLeaf and ended our trip with friends at Green Mill Jazz. Great trip overall. Chicago has plenty to offer and many good eats. Things I would do differently: no point going all the way out to Kuma's or Hot Doug's if you're a traveller. Much more good food in town to satisfy your appetite. Book ahead for Shedd if on weekend. Not on this list which I really enjoyed was Smoque BBQ which I visited before the lady arrived (she's not big on meats). Smoque BBQ is totally out of this world. I had half and half (sliced brisket + pulled pork). A+ will visit again. Thanks for being so great to me Chicago. I really enjoyed my stay. <3
  9. Tell me something Good

    dude, how do your monster thighs fit in jeans?
  10. usa :: chicago :: general

    got a table at schwa. realise that it will not be fulfilled. but excited nonetheless because I had such a bizarre conversation with the staff.
  11. usa :: chicago :: general

    Hey guys great thread. Thanks for this, really useful. Which hip hop bars are great in Chicago? Anywhere that plays good hip hop or has some local acts would really be up my alley. Preferably not the clubscene type, that's just painful. I also learnt that EDM (electronic dance music) is quite a big thing in Chicago? Would be keen on some garage/hyperdub/electronica kinda stuff (like Burial, Aphex, Gold Panda). Any venues for these kinda things? That would be amazing. Headed out to Wicker Park now!
  12. Backpacks

    , the black fade camo seems to have sold out. I'm tempted to just go for the white but I'm more keen on the black. Dropped you guys an email (coincidentally I'm visiting Boston, am at my last week here for a 1 month stint). Any chance of the black fade camo being back in stock? How does the white fade camo compare?
  13. usa :: chicago :: general

    fuck. thank you so much.
  14. Missed Connections - SuFu edition, no homo

    white guy @ The Woods, Bristol.. that owns the same 'primark jumper' as I do.