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  1. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    might be the funniest quote I've ever seen on here. try not to get more angrier fella. i'm sure he just wants to put them in a glass case and stare at them for eternity. i bet if you say Meka Leka Hi Meka Hiney Ho a few times Jambi might tell you who bought them...
  2. usa :: seattle :: general

    Slate is an interesting coffee spot. Recommend the coffee flight
  3. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    skagway lo, blue sz 10 first time my man yusuke did me wrong. these are def. true to size. need a 10.5.. $650 shipped CONUS, worn couple hrs in tokyo. best skagway ive had. only low's ive ever felt compelled to buy [/url]">http://
  4. DenimProject - The Deviants 2013 Contest

    looks like a few more pictures of fit are in order. 6'1", about 180lbs, size 32 without hem. waist shrank 1.5", horizontals shrank about 0.5" each. forgot to measure inseam pre-soak, single cuff of about 2" on unhemmed inseam post soak apologize in advance for the lack of weekday updates but no cameras allowed where I work these days...
  5. ooe yofukuten & co. denim contest

    looks like i will be the last one to receive these.. was supposed to be in tachi-machii this week but not going to happen. looks like they will arrive next there next monday and get shipped to me mid week. might be a day or two over the 01 Sept. but in 18 months it should not matter..will buy a NY times and photo as soon as i receive them. curious what model and what customizations if any people ended up with? (might be a nice addition to the first page list) mine are the 1922 version of the 9103xx model with exposed rivets / crotch rivet/ buckle back, the laurel wreath buttons, blue herringbone pocket bags, standard yellow / orange stitching throughout (could not help myself after these pictures..
  6. usa :: seattle :: general

    sorry, after living here for years you better quit right now if this factor holds any amount of weight in your decision... think monochromatic grey for 280+ days per year.
  7. The Strike Gold

    that's actually a good question as i was just about to buy a pair of 1109's instead of the 1105's as SE site shows the 1109's having more room in the thigh area.
  8. Recent Purchases. . .

    Passed out on my 634SR's... New pup..
  9. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Any news on the shipment of DB shirts you mentioned a couple weeks ago, always in need of more of their shirts
  10. Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...

    need some more action in this thread. just picked up a new one and am convinced again that i wont be buying anything but RJB any time soon. straying a bit from the usual repro but there is just no one doing anything like this.. love the custom metal buttons. nice looking chambray, but wait... not sure this picture captures this but its chambray on one side, houndstooth on the other side... thought it was a double layer gauze fabric at first but you can trace the slub black yarn through the shirt on both sides so i really dont get this one... have a couple more in the works will post a couple more pictures when they get here.
  11. Rockabilly

    be curious again this year to see how many are making it to vlv 1 will be
  12. Samurai Jeans

    agreed, while most shops will state raw or washed on their site those that dont are, and this is only my experience, but always willing to explain that state of their wares when asked. also very sad, it seems like we may have to say R.I.P. to Pirates "brick and mortar" store for the time being, from what i can tell this shop was right in the disaster area in ishinomaki, i havent been able to get yuichi on phone or email to confirm but it looks like that area got hit hard. anyone hear anything PM me
  13. Samurai Jeans

    Not meant to berate, this info should be pinned. I try to keep these threads clean by ignoring the abundance of repeated questions but i feel like i need to chime in as I don't know why people insist on using paypal when rakuten has a perfectly functional international site? Gaurentee this is easier ordering from 2nd, Search google for rakuten + borderless, make you profile, pick your language, order using credit card, it couldn't be simpler for all shops that ship international. Nothing lost in translation.. There is a time and a place for paypal but that is called the last resort..
  14. Vintage Sweatshirts

    they don't really shrink much. i have a few FH sweats and they run pretty true to measure before and after wash
  15. The Strike Gold

    Would love to, but this color has no more size XL. That orange and blue is pretty nice though