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  1. Behold

    states juicy sultana


    The Juicy Sultana has returned

    states juicy sultana


    Though you are an insignificant speck of dust reflecting in the Grandeur of the Juicy Sultana, the Juicy Sultana is a magnanimous Juicy Sultana. Thus, Juicy Sultana accepts your love and adoration, and your rep points




    So States the Juicy Sultana

  2. The Juicy Sultana urges you to remind yourself to whom it is you speak, which is the Juicy Sultana


    The Juicy Sultana represents spots 1-10 on the greatest superfuture poster list, states the Juicy Sultana 


    The Juicy Sultana forgives your transgression, as the Juicy Sultana is a benevolent Juicy Sultana

  3. its me who you say well guess what ive been here since 2008 i was sufuing while your mother was still changing your pyrex diapers whats that you never even seen me post thats cuz i save my posts 4 true gems plus sumtimes mods dont like the posts and delete em only the best excuse me you say most popular yes well popularity isnt all about whos got the most posts or reps its about whos got the best personality  which is me plz see poll below 


    mods plz if there is any way 2 give me the title by my name of emporor sultan or khan plz do so for the greater good of the community so there is less bickering over who is the sultan or khan