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  1. that DOOM interview was the shit, real inspiring. DOOM is for the children

    Fam, you need to get on some shyheim if your gonna fuck with the wu special teams
    and killa killa army

    we share a giggle and a heineken

    we sittin on the corner wit my niggas yelling klila kick the rhyme again


    wu is the squad! Killarmy is grimey, the rugged child is nice.

  2. my site is hosted by indexhibit and I think it's pretty great. It's alot less limiting than cargo or tumblr, I haven't worked with wordpress much but I dare say I think indexhibit is better suited for portfolio's.

    The hardest part is setting it up, but there are plentty of tut's around to help you with that. Then there is just the CSS/HTML part, but coding yourself lets you have control over EVERYTHING, which is pretty cool. Even if it does take a little extra effort

    Mr. Invincible: why the heck are your files that big? Honestly I would touch any file that big, thats huge, I bet they are just eating up RAM. I would split the project into multiple working files (by page/ or w/e) then bring it all together once you can optimize all the images and make the final file smaller.

    900mb, sheesh, really though what are you working on?

    try to start using Illustrator more effectiently, linking instead of place'ing images, expanding any effects you may have used, etc

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