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  1. I think that's mainly because visvim is starting to price themselves out from the market. They are selling 1.5K Lhamo shirt, 400 bucks for a standard 3 pack t and shit. 


    My biggest gripe with apple is the direction they're taking their software... It's getting way more cluttered and doesn't look as good as it used to. Also, I wish they wouldn't have "diversified" their product lines so much, it just looks sloppy and confusing. 


    RIP steve

    Yeah, their current software can be a bit confusing now. I fucking hate it. It was fine the way before, now there's like 2 layers of unnecessary bullshit before I can access my phone.

    That being said, I'm still gonna use iPhone since I've build my music library on iTunes and can't be bothered with starting over via android.

  3. You gotta know which ones are the regular release items that get distributed worldwide, which items are the FIL exclusives,vonline store and which are the ICT exclusives.

    Both the FIL and ICT exclusives are the ones most people use proxy for, since they can only be obtained at the physical stores and sometimes at the online stores. Even then, you are competing with dozens of HK and mainlanders proxy guys.

    That service pack looks like a regular item, so it's better to get it from Union.

  4. Unless you have razor sharp toe nails, it should hold up just fine, I'd imagine.

    The way you describe it make it seems like it's made out of tracing paper or something.

  5. Yeah, they'd be selling less new fbts if people can have their soles resoled there.

    They could be resoled outside, but it wouldn't have the Visvim logo on the vibram soles.

  6. Maliseet shaman was available online in jp as well. Didn't think it was that popular?

    It was the upstreamer koi fish tee wasn't it? I think I read that over 400 people queued up in gyre.

    Some of the new models are nice, but the non replaceable soles are a turn off, especially when they cost around 800-900 a pair. I wore my fbt prime for 3-4 days and I can see the grid texture smoothing out a bit already.

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