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  1. I bought a pair of sz 33 710s and have hot soaked them. I'm thinking that they still have some shrinking to do because the inseam has only shrunk an inch (was at 39 on the dot and now it's at 38 on the dot). Should I soak them again with hotter water/longer duration or do samurai inseams not shrink as much as other brands? I'm not in love with the fit right now and my thought process is if they have more shrinking to do in the inseam, they have more shrinking to do everywhere else so I need to put off my decision on getting rid of them. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. How long does it usually take for BiG to respond to questions? everybody tells me to talk to gordon at BiG. asked a question on the web form a few days ago, left my email but haven't gotten a reply

    gordon is usually pretty quick to respond, but as ranonarat said, it's the holiday season which means more orders and more questions.

  3. standard retail fashion cost pricing is usually between 50% and 55%. if self edge is buying the jeans at $150 (giving roy the same revenue he always had) then the mark up to $275 is less than what you would find at most retail clothing stores.

    50% of 150 is 75.

    150 + 75 = 225

    Just saying.

  4. does anyone else own a belt from KCs? i have a black belt from them that i've had a for years but i think i'm going to get a natural belt from them before the end of the year.

  5. i swear i've read posts like this a million times... you're better off posting what your waist measures than nonsense like height and weight, i mean i've seen people who weigh more than me (same height) who have a smaller waist and etc...

    seriously. where did this idea that posting your height and weight will help someone determine your waist size even come from?