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  1. if your inseam is left long, pants tend to balloon out from the knee down without some coaxing. they end up sitting on top of your foot/shoe and giving the rest of the leg some structure to sit on, instead of falling naturally. if you were to look at your leg opening from the bottom it would look more like an oval instead of a circle, giving the appearance that the leg is wider than it should be.

  2. i have no idea what the original measurements for my sz 33 1109s were but this is what they measure after a year+ of wear





    i remember when i bought them the waist fit perfectly, the knees and thighs were a bit slim but now they fit perfect.

  3. i need some advice. i've worn a pair of sz 33 1109s for over a year. in this year i've lost a little weight, so i recently copped a sz 32 of 2109s. after soaking them and everything i've worn them two days and they feel just a little bit snug in the knee and rise. so my question to those who have owned both types of denim or just the 21 style, do you guys think they'll loosen up a bit in these areas? i've never really owned denim with a heavier weight than 14 oz, so do they just need a little more time to stretch and take their shape?

  4. Selling a brand new pair of 710s. Soaked them and wasn't in love with the fit. Red tab/hidden arcs. I will include the hang tags that came with it. 300 shipped in the states. PM me to set something up.

    Measurements are as follows:

    waist 32

    thigh 11.5

    knee 9

    leg 8

    inseam 37

    front rise 11

    back rise 14.5