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  1. A few things jump out. The shitty quality of pictures. The stitch on the unfolded hem looks poor and the other hem being double folded is suspect. Where did you find the listing?

  2. Unstitch enough of the pocket to be able to fold it down and sew it. I've done it and it's not that difficult to redo the sewing. And with a pair that thrashed, why do you care about getting it to what it originally looks like?

  3. it'd be one thing if it was somehow relevant to something being discussed. like "oh yeah the owners there don't understand english that well, they're from india"


    but it was a random comment with zero practical purpose.

  4. If i may remove myself from Self Edge for a moment....

    That is not a well done repair. The thread matching is at a minimum four steps off, it hasn't been properly back-fused before being finished, and the single-needle work is extremely sloppy.

    on top of that dude's attitude being brutal

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