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  1. I used to screenprint t-shirts and patches for the bands I was in during high school. I've got all the basics down, and have been playing around with poster printing recently, but want to get back into shirts. My standards have changed since high school though, so gildan, and not even aa are gonna fly - I'm just not a crust punk anymore. Does anyone have recs for high-quality, well-fitting shirt blanks?

  2. just wanted to note that i bought a pair of CPs through studiohomme and could not be happier. got scared by the last few posts, but they shipped to LA in 3 business days and wasnt hit with a ton of taxes.

    yea, just bought the CP sandals from them, no taxes, quick shipping.

  3. RAF SIMONS A/W 10 Velcro Cardigan

    Brand new with tags, wool rib knit cardigan with front velcro detail/closure.

    Collection: Autumn-Winter 2010

    Material: 100% Wool

    Color: Charcoal Grey

    Labeled Size: 46 (fits 36/XS)

    Originally: 795

    Asking Price: 260 incl US shipping


    27 inches neck to hem

    17.5 inches armpit to armpit

    24 inches shoulder to wrist



    *Price in USD & includes shipping to USA, PM for worldwide.

    *Payment by PayPal

    *Please feel free to contact via PM for any questions/requests for additional info

  4. I'm visiting family in a couple weeks, staying at my parent's place, so I'll probably take a break for a bit over a week then.

    All this grinder talk is making me wonder because I use a cheap black & decker coffee grinder. Is this a bad move?

    I tried my coffee grinder out before I bought an herb-specific one. It absolutely pulverized the weed. Kief was stuck to the insides for a while, all my coffee tasted a bit earthier from then on. Good for cooking, however, lots of surface area from being chopped to bits.

  5. How long do you all recommend for a T-break? I've smoked daily for the past 3 years except for a 2 week period traveling last summer... I didn't feel a massive difference after that, but a noticeably lower tolerance irregardless...

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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