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  1. I rinsed my boxers a couple days ago and then wore them to the gym yesterday. When I took them off to take a shower, I had indigo dyed skin.

    It was pretty tempting for the wife, but she had to pass.

    Boxers bled more than the jeans. I've washed mine 4 times (hand wash) and I'm still getting tons of bleeding and transfer. My wife isn't as nice as your, she's relentless with the blue-ball jokes of late (some even funny).

    Did anyone confirm that the boxer chambray is the same as the Sun Set shirt? Mrs.Cash is no fan of the blue-on-blue Shawshank look, but this chambray is so nice I may risk a true case of blue balls for a that shirt.

  2. Nay





    I honestly have a hard time seeing where LandoCal's opinion is much of a criticism. I sized my pants exactly as Roy asked me to size them. Any complaint on my part is a bit like asking Picasso for a painting and then complaining that it's gray.

    The great part about this contest is the unknown and unpredictable elements. We live in a safe, sterile world. We seldom approach anything without a lot of expectations. This is why the masses hate shrink-to-fit pants -- you don't know what you're gonna get. With the ROYxCone (actually the patch says ConeXRoy, jus' sayin') there were no BIG-style measurements. Kiya wasn't shrinking these for us in a sink in the Mission District and then posting the results on the Internet. These aren't made out of the same fabric as the XYZ denim from Company X. RoyXCone, for the most part, is a step into darkness. Not to play up the hype, but that's what interests me. I have plenty of predictable and safe in my life -- too much to be honest. +1 for LandoCal, +1 for Roy Slaper and +1 for playing the hand your dealt.

  3. I'll feel more comfortable with the "relaxed look" once the denim relaxes a bit (something of a bubble butt going on right now). I dig that my hands go to my pockets without any problem (big benefit for a wanker like me, sup UK).

    I dig the tighter look on some of you gents, but I didn't want to risk an unwearable jean after two or three washes and opted for middle-of-the-road sizing. After reading Paul's excellent interview with R. Tharpe, however, I'm convinced we won't see "extreme" secondary shrinkage, er, constriction, once these girls hit the washing machines.

    The fabric is otherworldly. I have some macro shots that will show up later this week where the Pima puffed up like a marshmallow in some loom chatter.

  4. Ya'll stop hatin on Paul T He's not bad at all. I love his posts. He's a great story teller.

    Please go re-read my post. Paul T is one of the reasons I was drawn here and he is certainly one of the main reasons I keep coming back. He knows how much I respect him. I was, in my snotty way, trying to point out that the fabric exceeds any expectations one could have. But saying it that way is sorta boring.

  5. I actually quite like them, it's different, but it bugs me I had so little control over the outcome. that said, they are some of the most beautifully-made jeans I've owned

    I dig the marbling. More reflective of the life lived in the jeans and less about recreating grail fadezz seen on the Internet. I also like the frustration of not being able to control the process. Their own beast.

    The photos, however, scare me off of SDA. I'd been toying with the idea before the ROY joints fell in my lap, but I'll never crock those. Not man enough.

  6. The LVC's are okay inseamwise (the outerseam is like a 34" outseam), hope it won't shrink anymore with future washes/ soaks. Fitpics after drying.

    Yea, but a '66 cut will look good worn highwater. Plus, with two similar pants, you'll want a little variety in the cut.

  7. ^Duck patch is sorta wavy. Pants were still wet when I left.

    Soak only produced yellow water.

    Boxers where hand washed and bled like a stuffed pig.

    Lost roughly 2" in the waist and 3" in the inseam. Came in just as requested.

    Nice line of loom chatter below the knee on one leg.

    Paul T is no photographer -- his photos did not do the fabric justice.

    Thanks again for everyone that put this together: Paul T, RNR, Roy6, real Roy, Almostnice, Ralph Tharpe and Pima Phil.

  8. ^Unfortunately USA's imperial powers is fading and we only had an empire for 100 years, so it doesn't really speak well for what we put together on a global scale.

    Sigh, seasonal/economic-rescission depression is setting in. ROYs need to get here soon to jack my dopamine up with a shinny new thing.

    (Oh, I got a bad case of Fitless Cock AND Girdle Sponges. I need to go to the clinic for some penicillin before the ROYs come.)

  9. @cash

    culture? fine food? am I missing something?

    Fine. The Euros have plenty of pretense and self-importance for a continent full of faded imperial powers to hold them over. There, I said it. I said what I was really thinking. Does that make any of you feel better?

    Did you really think I was talking about the British food with names that sound like venereal diseases?

    My apologies to folks in Australia, Asia and New Zealand, none of you deserve this extended wait.

    (The Britons have suspiciously stayed out of the trash talk?)

  10. ^This begs the question: 3-5 days?

    I suspect the mailman wants Friday off as well as Saturday this week. So no present under the tree for me this year -- I was sort of a shitty little snot and don't deserve a goddamn thing, but it would have been nice. Here's hoping for a Christmas miracle.

    Anyway, start date?

    I say we all start on Jan. 1 we just hold off on photos until the Euros get there pants -- they have plenty of culture and fine food to hold them over.

    Photos of New Year's Eve debauchery with the blurred-out jeans?

  11. In all fairness, though, LA may be picked over, but there are a lot more people buying nice clothes and donating/reselling than a lot of other places. Go a little further east than California and people buy cheap stuff and wear the shit out of it. Also, LA has skinny people. I find tons of great stuff out here but it's all in size 40....

    However, you just need to know what to look for and find a shop that doesn't know too much about vintage denim. Also, go to charity stores vs. vintage clothing stores.

    I always know I'm going to find gold if the store put jeans with hole in them on the rack. The biggest chain of charity shops out here tosses all the "holey" jeans and thus a lot of the "holy" jeans go out with the trash.

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