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  1. and to be honest, we don't want super innovation with a series like this. We just some improvements and new features, but we don't want you to fuck up the game we already have fun with.

    PC gamers will stick to their beloved games until something crazy new comes out, but that's just not how console gamers work imo. We cop dat new shit every year for better or worse.

  2. I'm sure their tours are doing great. Obviously the initial hype has died down, but it annoys me to see all these dudes that fucking loved them turn into 'we off that'.

    I'm sure the next Mellowhype release will be dope and I'll keep checking for Tyler's music. He's good at rapping.

  3. i really want to post you to worst but i just commented about how shitty the signal:noise has been in there lately so I must refrain.

    AF1s with the shorts/tights make me want to punch you straight in the moon.

    I think drano just needs baggier shorts (angle doesn't help)

  4. mane is cuz of rappers thou, you only like mane cuz of rappers

    and what's the difference between mayne and mang then

    you right though

    mang makes me think hispanic dude, maybe it's just me

  5. @noz's take on the ASAP tape.


    I can agree that he's maybe not the most proficient lyrically (as say Kendrick or Danny), but something has to be said for how well he just makes songs. And even with that said he drops lots of quotables and I can't agree that his presence is lacking.

    I think it's worth reading. I had to unfollow noz on twitter though, he's a good writer / blogger but I found myself caring too much about one dude's opinion or something idk but I would catch feelings and disagree on random tweets. now I just subscribe to his tumblr and its good.

  6. neither of them are affiliated with Dad Racist really. Das Racist is on that eXquire track though, but mostly cause they're friends with Despot / El-P I'd assume.

    Action is cool with Despot, both Queens dudes.

    Despot just has like 2 singles out (2 songs each) but he said he's working on something new. He posts on here occasionally as well.

    All of these have appeared at shows together though I think. Despot runs some venue in NY (someone else can elaborate on this).

    My favorite thing about this year is that nearly all of the dudes I mentioned have collaborated with 2-3 of the other artists and made dope shit.

  7. you right though. that Mouse tape will make you happy.

    Frankenstein du is cool but the tape was whatever. felt the same about exquire and Action to a lesser extent. Action's latest shit over wavier beats is dope though hope he sticks with it.

  8. I'm curious what everyone's favorite releases were this year. not as a platform to argue on but in case anyone's missed anything dope, this year has been fucking crazy good.

    in no real order

    Kendrick Lamar - Section.80

    Future - True Story

    Danny Brown - XXX

    ASAP - LiveLoveA$AP

    Big KRIT - Returnof4Eva

    Main Attrakionz - Chandelier, 808s and Dark Grapes II

    Smoke DZA - Rolling Stoned (I didnt like dude as much at first, but I find myself playing this now)

    SGP - Blackland

    G-Side - The One…Cohesive

    Clams Casino - Instrumentals, Rainforest EP

    Currensy - Weekend at Burnie's, Verde Terrace

    also The Weeknd, Terius Nash, Frank

    check those if you haven't. The Kendrick especially imo.

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