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  1. Thanks...

    They are pretty comfortable now, and not as stiff as they used to be. And they are perfect for the Iowa winter.:)

    You would need to wear 3 pair, one of the other, in order for ANY pantaloon to be "perfect" for Iowa winters...

  2. Isn't the Bearfoot one, the one with Vibram one piece sole (as in no foam around the sole)... wasn't that debuted as HK FIL Exclusive Shaman?

    Correct, Bearfoot was FIL exclusive and the Folk in that pic is S/S, not to be confused with the Shaman folk of A/W 08.

  3. Meshuggah tonight, fucking stoked.

    If you don't yet have MGMT tickets, don't bother unless you really like being bored to tears... one of the worst bands I saw at Reading (not counting 5 accidental and horrible minutes of the Plain White Tees).

    They were really that bad?? They're coming to Des Moines in Oct....was thinking of catching it, especially since tix are cheap. Having second thoughts now...

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