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  1. You guys know what this is and how rare it is in this size. Worn 2x for short periods, practically DS.

    Only accepting paypal.

    BIN is 120 shipped, but hit me up if you have an offer.

    PM me, email me at [email protected] or hit me up on AIM- karl the cop if you have any questions, offers, or requests.

    Onto the pics:




  2. yeah i held those $460 size 12s in my hand on sunday. they were nice but not *that* much nicer than my jokhang fbts which i got for literally *half* the price.

    as far as i could tell, the big difference was that the construction felt much "softer" at the toe ... like you could grab and pinch the front like a sock, whereas with other FBTs the front is much sturdier. and it's lined in some leather that feels like the outside of my elk ancestors.

    if it makes you guys feel better we went shopping at barney's and my wife pointed out that the see by chloe parade jacket i bought her two years ago at american rag for $600 now cost more than $1000.

    I hate you so much.

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