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  1. Ahoy hoy,

    Up for sale is a USED pair of Visvim Fluxus 05 damaged denim. These are probably the most sought after pair of fluxus out, cut AND style-wise. The 05 cut is the straight to slight taper cut, perfect for rollups w/ your shamans, logan los, and other vis footwear. Seriously, these look good as shit with select sneakers and all vis shit. I just don't get enough wear out of em anymore and they are WAY too baggy for me. I have worn these probably 15-20 times, washed twice. They were a bit worn before I got them as well from the infamous owner of many outstanding vis items, Frank the Tank. Retail on these were 500+, so please keep that in mind when offering.

    The only problems with the denim are pretty minor. The right pocket is starting to tear, as you can see from the pics, but can be fixed fairly easily. This also effects the internal pocket a little, which I plan to have sewn up prior to selling (can have done yourself, if you prefer). Only other problem is the back patch has ripped (this was prior to my purchasing). Other than that, they are clean, look great, and have TONS of life left in them. You can see they still look AMAZING.

    I prefer paypal, but will accept Money Order if you are reputable and you allow me to cash the MO prior to me sending the item. Your choice. Any questions or concerns, PM me or email me at [email protected]. I prefer not to take anymore pics as these show everything that needs to be seen, but will do so for serious buyers only.

    PRICE: 175 shipped OR BEST OFFER

    Onto the pics:







    Happy bidding!

  2. I just got the Trickers for Present acorn derby brogues and I would say they fit TTS, if not 1/2 size big. At first, they felt a tad tight on the top of my foot, but they started loosening up after a few wears, as most leather hard bottoms do. I love them to death and they have become a part of my everyday wear (ALMOST!)

    I would get on those Present ones fast, they only have one pair of each size. Also, just be ready to pay customs fees on top, probably around $40.

  3. So nice pennyoka, your pics do make those soles look good.

    Can I ask what you paid for them?

    A shitload! hahaha, those are great Kev. Don't mind the soles at all, in your pics.

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