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  1. Good day ladies and gents. Up for sale is a very rare, VVVNDS sz 13 pair of White Hideout Footscape Wovens for all you big foot muthafuckas out there. They were worn a few times by the previous owner, none by me. Pics speak for themselves. You will never see these again in this size, condition, and for this price. Looking for 170 shipped but I am willing to negotiate heavily. I am also willing to trade for sz 12-13 white w)taps authentics. I need these badly.

    Here are the pics:





    Offer away, I am likely to take it!

  2. If I feel like I am underpaid and underappreciated (I'm sure everyone feels this way at their respective jobs) should I talk to my boss about it or wait until he gives me my review and see what he says about my work-related abilities and duties?


    Teh new guise.

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