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  1. Julia Foudy is the worst analyst ever. Listening to her describe Poland's "aggressive" defense was embarrassing.

    Did anyone watch the USA v. Argentina friendly? Tim Howard was a beast, mang.

    Good God, was he ever. There had to have been 6-7 instances when I just KNEW they were going to score.

    And in all seriousness, i don't see Portugal being stopped.

  2. I was so spellbound by ordo's post that it actually took cotton duck's post to shake me and make me go back to rep him.

    BTW I think this video needs reviving.


    Greatest. Thing. Evar.


  3. So last time I checked this page was on Tuesday... this seemed familiar.



    last tues


    Reminds me of this picture diversion where you try to find the slight differences in pictures... so far I've found 4... how many can you find?

    Seriously though edmond, this would be cool to see that shirt and pants worn and gradually fade every day. Very cool denim porn project.

    You is master at Highlights. Teach me your ways, sir.

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