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  1. would like to sell my LV wallet in a very mint condition. $230 shipped worldwide and paypalled. i would only ship the item to confirmed address. pics: receipt: contact me through my email: thanks.
  2. i would like to sell this brand new wallet from louis vuitton for $200 including paypalled and worldwide shipment. payment method is only through paypal. i would only ship them to verified and confirmed address. i would provide tracking no once i have shipped them. in fact, i have a few units of them which i got from a friend of mine who is working in LV. selling as shown in the pics. please email me to for easier communication. some pics of them: i have done several transactions over here. buy with confidence.
  3. PM sent... many interested but no takers yet..
  4. no chain will be included.. come and get this beautiful wallet in a cheap price..
  5. bump for this beautiful wallet.
  6. would like to sell this beautiful wallet made by corter for $65 including worldwide shipping. never been used before.
  7. i'm looking for these. preferably sligthly used. PM me pls. thx.
  8. confuse us, what cut is that? shearer? nice fit dude.. but the ass seems to be a bit odd.
  9. guys,, would like to ask newbie question. when the first time i tried my MIJ 19cm raw, i couldnt even button up the last 2 buttons. was it supposed to be like that? or should i get the one that could be button up easily or snug on the waist?
  10. what?? does it include shipping worldwide and paypal fees? how much is the B44?
  11. what's the waist across?
  12. i'm not sure about the size, is there any site that have the sizing guide for these polos?
  13. how much is the shipping charges to malaysia for each of the above polos?
  14. free shipping to asia? pls pm me with detail. thx.