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  1. 21 hours ago, xc-mtb said:

    That’s no surprise I guess 

    I've decoded my former boss' cryptic replies in the following manner:

    Cher = 500 EUR

    Tres Cher = 1000 EUR

    Tres Tres Cher = 1500 EUR+

    Seen zone or no reply = "not in your lifetime kiddo."

  2. Dude, maybe they don't want to scale? Maybe they prefer to sell a handful of models, float inventory, and keep it hype/aspirational? Maybe E wants to pay everyone on the small team a living EUR wage. Maybe he just wants another car.

    You wanna might wanna ask those first. It feels like you're pitching for a job/attention with unsolicited advice.

    Do you go to a taqueria and ask what their stock volume is like to calculate the exact profit to determine whether a reasonable possibility of both a pricing and stock inefficiency in their current line up?

    You talk with so much numerical pseudo-biz fluff yet lack the perspective to understand how any of it works. It's so frustrating. 


  3. Okay, I went from understanding your side, to not sure what exactly it is that you want, to just being outright confused. Could you distill your point, for everyone's sake? A TL;DR would be super (Problem -> Evidence -> Proposed Solution -> Execution).

    EDIT: Actually, don't. 

    At end of the day, it is his 1. brand, 2. his business, and 3. has the right to run it however which way he wants. If the low volume, high margin works best for him and his beliefs, then you can't really argue with it. 

    Again, it sounds crass, but if you want a medium volume, medium margin ACR-esque brand, then by all means, it is there for you or someone else to do. Asking ACR to do that is to ask them to change their biz model fundamentally. 

    From a marketing perspective, you just aren't who they're speaking to ATM. (I've come to terms with this, I haven't bought anything since marriage. Shit is just that way.)

    To be fair, that doesn't mean you can't like the brand or critique its prices either. But asking them to apply it as if you know better than them is a reach. To keep forcing your point is borderline selfish.

    I get you though. It's quarantine, nobody to talk to. It isn't like we've got a fantasy techwear brand speculation thread. If the intention of your railroading is to change the brand so badly, best just vote with your wallet. That's how a capitalist market works.

    I go here to mull about whether we really need 4br place or a jacket. I just wanna see fit pics.

  4. 2 hours ago, scamster said:

    would've been onboard for something like that. anyone know if custom mechanical keyboards can be ordered? maybe a small batch of superfuture flavoured ones?

    How many are we looking at? Aside from the strange markings on the corner of the keys, this isn't too difficult to do. The more I stare at that keyboard config the more I dig the flavor. Colors are what I'd imagine a pack of Evangelion x Skittles would be. 

  5. 8 hours ago, Orientalq said:

    is it considered narcissism if you put your face on your product (marketing is understandable because you're selling credentials)? Like 30 years from now you will have digital ghost Errolson staring you down

    Coming back to this thread to say, this thing with Errolson wanting to put his face on everything is what makes my wife cringe the most.

  6. Hm, I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum on this, wherein I do think there's a future in the physical retail shop format. Despite it going through a bit of a redefinition/reorientation like every other archaic medium (see: books), I see it pushing on primarily because its core tenets and strengths are unhackable.

    In contrast to books, wherein anyone can publish on Kindle or buy a spot in the NYT Bestseller list, any random joe can't exactly just open a physical store (be successful at it) and develop that tenure/value of curation with his clientele.

    There's also that word "physical", that tactile, experiential quality to shopping at a store that technology has yet been able to replicate (maybe after 90 years, post jackpot, when we're logging into each others personal hotel lobby constructs). 

    Good shops (i.e. multibrand boutiques) are statements, triggers, that should make you feel something. "We stock this with this, because of this, inside this, because fuck you." I've yet to see an online store do that. 

    _ _ _

    You can argue in favor of or against this idea varying degrees using several businesses that have both (online and physical shops).

    For against, you can look at Tres Bien for the latter, where their online presence feels so fleshed out, only to see their tiny cute store in Malmö and think.. ???

    A personal example in favor of would be Antonioli, wherein I didn't really get what they were about online (regardless of all the marketing). It took me about 5 minutes into a visit their shop in Florence to be like.. "ah, shit. It all makes sense now." 

    I suppose in the end it all boils down to what kind of shopper you are. It's like opera vs. Netflix, a tasting menu vs. a hotdog. Both are pretty damn good, but you have one or the other for different reasons.

    _ _ _

    Now, tying this back into ACRONYM for the benefit of this thread, I've always liked the question of what direction the brand should take going forward? I've never wanted to say it before, in fear of it happening and cutting me off, but offline / darknet / physical store / secret pop-up seems like the most viable way for it to go forward.

    It'd probably take just another hundred words to explain why, so I'm leaving it here to simmer.

  7. UNIQLO Airism. Don't know if they sell it outside of Asia (it's a summer only product here).

    As for the LOT talk, I do not have enough 3rd world pennies to subscribe to it, but please let us know how it goes.

    It would be 10/10 if even this first encounter is already an example of the brand tailoring itself.

    i.e. Somebody with very different demographics, seeing a LOT site that sells brightly colored basics, gardening tools, and a packet of chia seeds.

  8. @brainerd666 What's your wash method like? (Apologies, this is like my 3rd time bringing up this debate)

    I spend days in the kitchen as well and dare not wear anything I care too much about, lest they smell like tacos for days.

  9. @conqueror that's strange and interesting. Check the list above, food is ridiculous around the city. Eater has a wider 38 listing guide of where to eat here, (their lists are always good, IMO). Can't help much in terms of sites though, we just do a "tour de stores" everytime we go in lieu of it. 

  10. The wife did on the last visit over. We usually end up in Marco Polo Gateway / Tuve / Upper House (it's a short hop from Manila). Language barriers shouldn't be an issue, never experienced it in all our times over. 

    What are you guys looking to do? 

  11. @rirawin I am way too much of a Rene-fanboy to say anything w/o bias.

    One thing that my wife pointed out which surprised us both was how most dishes cut this very Asian profile.

    How we (Southeast Asians/Thai/Fil/etc) tend to balance with sourness, and contrast with texture.

    Think this holds true for a lot of the other Noma-alumni (i.e. Relæ, Mume)

  12. Okay, now that we're on the topic, can the more educated ones provide an approved list of detergents, treatment re-applications for shells, and pants? (i.e. thoughts on Grangers Wash and Repel Spray, or is the 2-in-1 Wash+Repel product enough? )

    Looking to purchase some off Amazon to d-t-d to Asia, but I'm at a point (financially) where I don't want to waste any on guess work. Thank you in advance.


  13. Is there anymore news on where they'll be restocking the Volts? I don't mind going to exorbitant lengths to get it at SRP vs. the resell price now.

  14. @rirawin If I remember correctly we didn't have a choice at the time as the dirt road was closed. Regardless, it seemed like there was only one view point and parking lot though for everything once we got there. 

  15. @rirawin No worries. You can find my comments below. Thank you all the kind words as well. More than happy to share this with you (and Superfuture).

    The guides/maps have become a sort of habit for me and the wife prior to travelling. She does the sights and instagrammable bits – I do most of the food and coffee.

    We're working on one for a road trip around Italy this April which would make it Guide no. 09 to date (Iceland, Copenhagen, Malmo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Cebu, Korea, and Tokyo).


    On 3/19/2017 at 6:55 AM, rirawin said:

    @WillKhitie Wow that really is great, thank you.

    We should be good for money too. All UK credit and debit cards are chip and pin. Nevertheless, did you bother taking any small amounts of cash at all, like to pay for the hot dogs? 

    Yes. I had the old card issue and was forced to convert a good amount to cash prior to leaving Reykjavik. I assume it's safe to do around 100usd/day for two people if you're looking to card gas and most of the larger meals. 

    – – –

    We've gone with Blue Car Rental as well and have opted for a 4x4 GLC. We thought we'd stick with a 4x4 as we plan to go up to West Fjords and didn't want to be restricted when driving about. I trust you had no issues with Blue Car Rental, especially when returning the car? 

    Very little issues with Blue Car. Just make sure that you return the card with a full tank of gas. We had to drive back out of the lot and top up the petrol we spent driving over from Reykjavik.

    Also, I'm not sure if I mentioned it enough but crosswinds strong enough that you have to drive into them.

    – – –

    Thanks for the Booking.com advice. We've had a look on Airbnb for accommodation and it looks quite sparse outside of Reykjavik. Either way, I feel that we need to start booking some places as the Wife has found that some places are already booked out for dates in October, despite being an off-peak season.

    Not sure where my wife picked it up but, Airbnb is supposedly terribly hard to coordinate outside of the big cities. Most of the "Guesthouses" you can find on booking.com operate in a similar manner.

    As for bookings, it's always best to do it as early as possible. We missed out on a couple key places we wanted to stay in just from procrastinating. (Hvammstangi Cottages, Vogafjos Guesthouse, etc.) 

    – – –

    For getting around I'm taking a good old fashion foldout road map of Iceland. In addition to that I'll be prepping Google Maps (I like the star idea, so imma steal that) and I have Nokia HERE (offline country map packs). Would Waze be the preferable one to use? Did you bother with coordinates or did Waze handle Icelandic place names okay? Also what's the 3G/4G reception like out there when you're on the road, is it patchy?

    I was very surprised at how well Waze handled everything (down to the Sólheimasandur plane site). The only thing I'd worry about, since you are going in the winter, would be its tendency to route based on what'd be the quickest journey. It took us through a couple ultra scenic (mildly nail biting) mountain passes which close depending on the weather.

    For 3G/4G reception, as long as your carrier is partners with Siminn (most coverage outside Reykjavik) then you should be fine. Some of my favorite bits involve download 1080p episodes of GoT on a glacier.

    _ _ _

    Coincidentally I stumbled upon Alex's blog after posting on here and a blog entry from A Continuous Lean (http://www.acontinuouslean.com/2016/11/11/escape-iceland/). I decided to mush the two together, and sprinkle our own ideas into the mix. Between the Wife and I, we managed to plot around 70-80 spots (a lot were waterfalls haha) that we wanted to visit but felt this wasn't humanly possible to squeeze all of that in 13 days, so we reduced that number down to around 50.

    I can imagine you doing about half the number before getting "fossed out". They're all very beautiful, specially the iconic must sees, but it only takes a couple dozen before they all start looking the same.

    A lot of places we picked had a bit of story to them (wrecks, movie sites, elf rocks, etc.) and that always made things fun.

    I can't remember where we got our fold out map as well, but some of them go as far as to mark which areas of the island are "haunted/magical". We found it especially funny and odd that it had a lot of their folk culture had a lot in common with ours.

    (I can't remember the phrase to save my life, but there's one you have to utter before stepping off trails, etc., lest the elves get you)

    _ _ _

    What we discovered when plotting the sights on the map is that driving from the North, to the North West and the West Fjords area involves a lot of driving along routes where sights are few and far between. Looking at your map you might have experienced the same thing?

    We basically avoided the whole West/North West Fjord precisely for that reason. Given the longer stay though, you should be fine.

    _ _ _

    For food we're definitely doing Baejarins. We also have Pakkhus on our list as well as Cafe Sumarlína, Noa Seafood Restaurant and Fish Company. My Wife is pretty keen for us to take packets instant noodles and pasta, as she has heard from her friends who've been to Iceland that there isn't much else when you're out on the road - would you agree?

    I'm not sure if I'm a terrible human being but the hotdogs/diner food you find at each gas station/town was passable if not strangely comforting. They do this coffee/hot chocolate mix that's strangely fortifying. 

    Just make sure to stock up on at least a bag or two of snacks/chips/etc. at every big town. My wife also bought a couple instant noodle packs that we never ended up quite eating til the asian cravings set in at around Day 6.

    Also: Hraun Veitingahús (Lobster Pizza)

    (Also, plenty of baby wipes. Thank me later.)

    _ _ _

    I would like your thoughts on a couple of sights. Firstly, Sólheimasandur plane, since the locals closed the road off to it is it worth the 8km round trip hike? Secondly, Blue Lagoon, which I've read is a tourist trap (note we will be going to Myvatn Baths). Despite the tourist trap comments we have this penned in on our last day as we will be dropping our rental off in the morning and will have around 4 hours to kill before we catch our flight, so we thought about taking a shuttle bus from the airport to the Blue Lagoon to kill some time there. If you recommend against it, do you have any suggestions on what to do instead that's easily accessible and not too far from Keflavik airport?

    First, Solheimasandur, I didn't have a choice. My wife was super adamant about it. She wanted that IG photo and the 8km trek seemed like an amiable price to pay. Just check the weather as it's quite a trek going to and back.

    Second, Blue Lagoon, I can't give my two cents as we never went but I've heard mixed things. Keflavik is quite a ways off from anything. I can't remember if we opted to rent an additional day or a late return but we decided to kill time around Reykjavik before going.

    (More hotdogs, more pho, more eating, more coffee.)

    _ _ _

    Out of interest were there any sights you went to that you felt wasn't really worth the drive/effort?

    I can't outright say that about any of the sights we visited. If anything, just be practical in weighing in what you want to do with the weather at that moment. On top of being cold and wet, it sucks to feel stupid after hiking for 30 minutes in sideways rain just to see a very beautiful arch. 

    On the flipside though, our trek along Snæfellsjökull was a bit of magic. There's a haunted beach there with an old shipwreck that had this eerily comforting howl. The drive around Lake Myvatn also has it's own bit of magic. (https://www.instagram.com/p/BGM2qTQjYZr)

    _ _ _

    Lastly, what time of the year did you end up going? sounds like you went around winter time? Did you manage to catch the Northern Lights at all?

    We went around April which was summertime. Given that it wasn't peak season also, I wouldn't want to know what peak season looks like.

    P.S. In case I missed anything, you can track our whole trip here: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/mad✈️kef/

    _ _ _


  16. @rirawin

    Better late than never – here's a brief map for your ring road tour: https://goo.gl/sm1z97

    My wife and I went last year for our honeymoon, easily one of the best trips I've taken.

    (It's the kind where just the sheer scale of nature will move you to f-cking tears.)

    I've been passing this around to friends but I might as well leave it here.

    (Also, here's the guide we based our trip off of (http://www.alexcornell.com/iceland-travel-guide/)

    SUFU EDITION: This is probably the best place to try out your techwear. We got caught off guard by how "action adventure" the entire trip was going to be and ended up trekking on glaciers in Superstars and Sacai Airmaxes. Ultra bad move, wypipol, I'd like to imagine they were mostly Canadians, were giving us strange looks.

    It'd be ideal to have these layers: 1. Heat tech (tops and bottoms), 2. Warm base layers (wooly tees), 3. Insulators, 4. Windstoppers, 5. Rain gear. Proper hiking shoes would make sense. I kind of wish I manged to pick up some Hoka One Ones before we flew over from Copenhagen, alas hindsight is a bitch.

    _ _ _

    Gist: For the Ring Road drive, the main thing I suggest is to just plan carefully, otherwise it'll be FOMO. This applies to hotels and sights, we did everything via booking.com. There's just too many things to miss, but also prioritize what you want to see (stars on the map for us) bec. it's impossible to get it all. Also, WAZE. You can practically run the entire trip on it.

    Data: Straight from the airport, just pop by there 7/11 equivalent. Me and the wife each got Siminn SIMs and it lasted us the whole week and me a little less because I was constantly on waze, etc. It's easy to top up online via card which'll get me to my next point.

    Money: The whole place does run on card. Make sure you've got the one with the chip and pin because the normal swipe ones do not work everywhere, esp. gas stations. Like we got stuck in the only gas station in the middle of nowhere waiting for someone because both of ours were swipes.

    Map: Our map is divided into 7 days with Reykjavik (Day 01 & 07) sharing one tab. Restaurants in red are mostly in Reykjavik. Hotels in orange, and specialty coffee is brown. Sights are colored per day so you can map it out easier.

    Hotels: I actually really liked our hotel choices. In hindsight, I wouldn't change much except for Day 06. If you can change that to Hotel Flatey on Flatey Island, that'd be nuts. It's a bit tricky to schedule but I can imagine it being well worth (there's a good farm to table restaurant on the island also.)

    Moving: We got ours from Blue Car Rental. They're a short walk from the airport terminal. They say 4x4 is necessary for the gravel roads, but we might've made a mistake with getting the Jimny. They've got really strong highway crosswinds (enough to have signs) and having such a block of a car didn't make it easier. I'd wager a Swift or a Yaris would be plenty unless you plan to do river crossings.

    Food: A lot of people have said that the food sucks, but I don't know, we were pretty happy with ours. Maybe it's the combination of just snacking heavily in the car and being 2 hours away from real food but most of our picks were great. The ones outside Reykjavik aren't on the map but you can take a look at the Alex Cornell guide and our IG to see where we ate in each place. Special bits to note are the following.

    1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGYSy74jYZq/?tagged=mad%E2%9C%88%EF%B8%8Fkef (Lobster Pizza)

    2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGYO34TiyRR/?tagged=mad%E2%9C%88%EF%B8%8Fkef (Ambiance mostly)

    3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGTujiCjYd6/?tagged=mad%E2%9C%88%EF%B8%8Fkef (Ice Cream)

    4. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGJSZgBiyaB/?tagged=mad%E2%9C%88%EF%B8%8Fkef (LANGOUSTINES)

    5. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGdjlNuDYY-/?tagged=mad%E2%9C%88%EF%B8%8Fkef (Nothing compared to John's but it's sort of a pilgrimage that you have to do for Iceland)

    Sights: For this section, I'll leave it up to you on what you want to see. Some advice is that you plan it on maps first so you get an idea of how to drive to where. Everything's pretty damn special. If I had to single one out, our time in the Myvatn Baths would be up there.

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