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  1. boys are from jupiter because they are stupider

  2. so visvim christos, am i just crazy, or do they look cool? i just want to make sure i'm not having sufuvision with these things.

    1. WillKhitie


      velcro wallets for your feet, that's what the girlfriend said.

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  3. to tuck pant into boots or not, thats the question.

  4. woke up in the mornin, fuckin bought a yellow aston martin

  5. Having random japanese people liking fit and denim pics on Instagram is like a 06 Sufu wet dream

  6. feel like i wasted my time on styleforum lol

  7. My duck is bigger than yours.

    1. WillKhitie


      If it's the size of this mornings burger, I might possibly secede.

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