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  1. I'm usually a 31 but got 634S's in a 30. They're uncomfortably tight around the waste right now, but I've only put a couple days of wear on them. How long did it take you to stretch them out to a comfortable fit?

    they stretch out pretty quickly. just wear them a little and you'll be fine.

  2. i think hockey is the best sport to see live. football live is boring in addition to being ridiculously expensive. i've been lucky enough to see a bunch of games for free too so thats helps..

  3. 710's from the new BIG shipment. 38.5 inseam hot soak shrunk to only 38. Sending back to have 5 inches lopped off. Nice to have a pair with a little higher rise than my 500's or 103's

    what? how is that possible...

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