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  1. I've been changing as I grow older. Now I pretty much have a uniform and accumulate mostly the same things from the same brand. I almost dont even make decisions on what to wear anymore. also I've noticed that my closet basically mainly consists of White/Navy/black/gray all of them plain, some pieces that have patterns.


    Shirts: White/Black/Gray/Navy scoop neck tees, Basic RL plain button downs

    Denim: I only wear APC Petit Standards

    Shoes: Running Shoes (NB/nike), AF1s


    That's me almost on a daily basis

  2. Anyone got experience with the Light Petit Standards?

    They have elastane with them, so im not really sure regarding fit and if they stretch out like usual. but do they fit / age the same way as the regular ones?


  3. Hey guys,

    I'm currently looking for jeans somewhere along the lines of APC petite standard cut sizes 24,25,26. Interested in diors, or 24 petite standards in lighter shades or black. Currently wear 25s but i can fit into 24. I'm tiny. thanks!

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