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  1. the new raglan tees are funny..

    on a side note... i sold a blue paisley camp cap to a freshman in my school.. we are in camden...

    this dumbass thought it was cool to wear it in the hood while looking for weed... needless to say he got jumped... no wait stomped... his ass got beat bad...

  2. he pulled your card and you got mad,you know you're the one who started the shit and now you play it backward..

    You know being a mod had nothing to do with this..

    nah deleting his post because he was insulting him..

    once again don't get it twist.

    By the way dude was probably 25 when you were 15..

    glad you're having fun!

    How lame are you all talking shit about Sapreem on some other forum!!

    you so quiet on Ss!!!

    pussy i talk shit about him here and over there... get outta here with that shit.. look whos talking about keeping a low profile

    on a side note what hoodys are left in nyc anything worth copping?

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