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  1. Selling a pair of APC new standard size 30.

    -Worn about 5 times, no fades (yet).

    -Have not been hemmed.

    -Have not been washed.

    Unfortunately I have gained weight since the last time I bought a pair of APCs and bought them without trying them on. Not even close to fitting.

    Asking 100$ (CAD/USD)

    PM me if interested.

  2. yo mass your pizza info is off... you're remembering it way too fondly. you cant find 99c pizza anymore. least you're gonna get is like 1.25. Uncle Fatih's raised their prices and everyone else followed suit.... Even Four Brothers which is like the grungiest place on earth.

    it still tastes great though. oh yes it does.

  3. The difference in the taper.


    Nut hugging.




    New Standards.


    Doesn't seem like much but that extra inch of New Standard you see makes a huge difference in the wear.


    3 buttons.


    4 buttons.



  4. Lucky_Cloud: I picked up the black petit standards in Japan a few weeks ago and too be honest it was an impulse buy and they weren't really what I expected them to be. I couldn't understand a word the guy at the APC store was saying so I blame it partly on that. But let me tell you what I've figured out on my own.

    Petit Standard are basically tapered + lower rise waist (3 buttons instead of 4 in the fly) and so you're either going to have to be a nut hugger or slouched with your undies hanging out the back. I choose the second and just make sure I wear long shirts/jackets with my Petit Standards.

    I'll post some comparison pics in a sec once I upload them. But basically moral of the story is: If you like a tapered/low rise look Petit Standards are perfect for you.

  5. You're gonna get shit for wearing tight/bright clothes anywhere outside of a big city. Fuck even in big cities you'll still get a lot of shit from stupid chavs.

    I never experienced any of that sort of stuff in Vancouver or from people in Sydney but the international students I live with are pretty much all American and from like... Kentucky, North Carolina, Wisconsin and shit states like that and they're just ignorant. I mean I can't help but laugh and yah, feel good about myself for knowing more than them, when they call me emo when I am obviously more of a hipster than anything else.

  6. Hey guys the info above is awesome, but let's get some more down for Osaka. In particular because I will be going there for a week in June so I've got to do everything in as little time as possible!

    Anyone else have any more good restaurants? (The cheaper the better... I'm a student) Or any more specific stores for clothing? Do they actually sell Uniqlo everywhere as I've heard? How much do things cost in general in Japan? Trains, hostels, clothing, food etc...? Any specific things that should definitely be done while in Osaka? Sites to see, places to go, things to do? Yah... Oh so many questions.

  7. Wooo Strike Bowling Bar! I swear I saw it advertised as the perfect place for a supergay supermeetup on TV once. And it's open late!

    Lol. Just kidding...

    A bar? Also how high is the judgement level going to be on what everyone is wearing? Like normal superfuture levels or even higher than that? (can it get higher?)

  8. All ages shows and all the shit that comes with that.

    No it is not okay for you too blow a fucking whistle right next to my ear even if it's to the 'beat of the song'.

    And no it is not okay for you to slamdance at a Strokes show.

  9. Hey I know this has been discussed before but for the life of me I can't find it in the thread: Does anyone know where to get some AA style plain Tee's? I can't seem to find slim fit plain colours. Does Cotton On carry slim Tee's?

    Mmm, and also as a side note anyone have any Chinese or Indian restaurants (or any type of restaurant really) they would really recommend, a friend of mine and I are trying to hit a decent restaurant every week while we're in Sydney and eatability is giving some very misleading reviews. I'm looking for like a sit down, BYO place that'll run like 25 dollars.

  10. ^^ those are amazing, how much did you size down ?

    I sized down two, from a 32 to a 30. I wish I had done three, they feel baggy now... Maybe they just need some starch because I've washed them a bunch.

  11. 9 months, 2 cold soaks, one hot soak with Woolite Dark, one ocean wash and one regular wash. They kind've permanently smell bad now, like a day after a wash they'll get the funk back. But you have to get in really close to smell it... I hope.





    Knee stress:


    Crotch Stress:




  12. Bored of my APC NS now............1 year, 1 wash

    Need a new project and LOVE the fit and cut of the NS, any suggestions on similar cuts?

    Imperial Dukes are very similar to NS. I'm not sure where they sell them outside of Australia though.

    Nudie Grim Timm's are straight leg as well, but going from APC to Nudie would make you feel like you're wearing sweat pants...

    Dior Homme 21cm would also work well, but then you're getting pretty pricy.

    There are a lot of options, just start reading up on the other topics in this forum.

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