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  1. beautiful kimono coat with hood w/ washed leather accents & aged hardware details.

    would best fit 44-48 (open sizing & drapey)

    bought from drexel, still amazing condition.

    on hold.....pending payment.

    will post real pics later.


  2. apc nc sz 29, grey twill (perfect for warmer weather)

    -worn 10x, no wash, some stretch

    W: 32.5 in

    Thigh: 9 in

    Inseam: 34.5 in

    leg opening: around 7 in




    uniqlo grey wool dress pants

    W: 32 in (these sit a little lower so watch out).

    T: 9.5 in

    I: 34 in

    leg opening: 8 in

    asking: $25


  3. ^^Bacon wrapped hot dogs made on portable flat tops. LA has the wiener game on smash.

    hell naw. even crif dogs in nyc has that shit.

    if you want a REAL hot dog with some duck fat fries, you goto Hot Dougs.

    after all, chicago is the home of the red hot.

  4. got my goodies from mr calvin oscar.

    sorry it took so long, i just got back home.




    i know i dont post much so it was harder, but its funny how i pretty much enjoy everything you sent.

    and only because you admonished me to wear them, ill put those shutter shades to good use too.

    thanks man!

  5. does everyone in korea wear a size 10. i must have hit 8 stores trying to find some all white chucks, simple beaters, and every time the clerks would walk up with 2 boxes a 9.5 and a 10.5. got damned!

    word. i bought a pair that was 10.5 and i didnt even realize till i got home.

  6. I didn't bring shitty shoes :(

    Are there any other places for a good fri night out?

    Sorry to keep pestering with questions, it's just my last time out in a conceivable very long time, and my friends are lame and don't know shit.

  7. 1034073172.jpg

    just copped (a little older than this tho) and really stressing over how to build it up.

    i wanna keep it classy, no multicolor aerospokes, but cant get past hubset/rim combo.

    any ideas?

  8. didn't wanna make a new thread but how effective is the invisible shield / bodyguardz / BSE screens on the iphone / touch?

    i ordered something "scratch" proof (power support crystal film) and as a tester i took a key and mangled it.... (using the extra one of course)

    i really like the power support film.

    more than the scratch protection, it keeps the fingerprints off the damn screen.

    that and under normal wear you really cant scratch it.

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