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  1. if you have a sz31 or sz32 19cm MIJ unwashed, and in good condition,

    i want to trade with you.

    i have a pair of sz30 19cm MIJ's that are unwashed and only worn for about 3 mon. i bought them new, but have come to the realization that I'm not as skinny as i think i am. hence the trade.

    not really interested in selling them straight up, so just get at me at [email protected] if you wanna set something up. cheers.

  2. skull 5010xx raw in a 30, bought new from SE a yr ago.

    i hot soaked them once, but now im too fat to wear them.

    willing to trade up for a 31 or a 32,

    otherwise ill sell them for $120.

    waist: 34in

    midthigh: 9in

    inseam: 37in







    brand new capezio jazz shoes in a 9.5w.

    i wear a 42/43 in most everything and 10 in chucks, and these fit just right w/o socks. will probably stretch a little too.

    there is a little nick on the left shoe, but some white polish should cover it up real easy.




  3. white leather capezio jazz shoes in a 9.5W.

    i usually wear a 9.5/10 or 42/43, and without socks, these fit me snugly, and the leather also has some give. otherwise totally new and unworn.

    theres a 1/4in nick on the outside of the L shoe, but it'll come out with some polish for sure.

    pretty much a poor mans repetto.

    $42 shipped. pics tonight

  4. I have 2 statistics hw assignments that I need done.

    Entry level stats, shouldn't take more than hr if you know t-tests and standArd deviation shit.

    Pm if interested and I'll email out the two assignments later tonight.

    Send your paypal too.

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