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  1. anyone want to trade a pretty much new PS in 30 for a PS in 29?

    i like the fit of my 30's, but could use the size down to a 29.

    lemme know.

  2. area by yonsei is fun. if by alot going on you mean food and liquor, then yes.

    and just dorm man. i think you get put up in the international dorm which is not bad, and you can eat out for crazy cheap if youre broke.

  3. eh dunes suck. too many bad science trips back in jr high/hs. theres honestly nothing there but another mediocre lake michigan beach.

    lake geneva is aiiite. if you like fat tourists and cuisine americana.

    if you wanna go somewhere fun and laid back, drive over to milwaukee. highly underrated city, esp when summerfest is on. good food, nice place to bike around, good date spot overall.

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