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  1. Jacket is a slim 36 (slim arms, and body- be sure to be a true 36), and never worn. Fits identical to DH 36... Satin lined- Originally paid around $550

    Pants are tagged a size 30, however I've had them professionally tailored to a 28-29. Waist measures 15.5" side to side, and the inseam is 26" (with originally hems). Never Worn- Originally paid $260

    It makes a great, unique suit- but can also stand alone for separates.

    I'd like to get $250 for the entire suit, or shoot me an offer to buy individually.


    (sorry for the wrinkles- it was the way it was hanging- it's not wrinkled up in the flesh...)






  2. 1) DH eagle tee (embroidered eagle above right chest pocket) size small, worn a handful of times - $110

    2) Tim Hamilton SLIM fitting polo- size M (18" across chest)- would fit a 46 best... Cotton & Wool blend- really amazing polo shirt. -- $75

    prices include CONUS shipping



  3. if one wants to go out on sunset, and have a cool hotel to walk home to afterwards- were does one stay?

    also- any good stores with designer discounts to be aware of?


  4. servo, i havent been to an all ages show in a while, but given the fact that the lead is Kesha and the 2nd is a white heroine addicted bisexual rapper from hollywood, it should be a very interesting show. It will be nice to look at the faces of the moms in the crowd when Avalon starts rapping about his dick and how he likes to fuck pre teens and shoot heroine and smoke crack.

    oh how I love mickey avalon... I'll probably go- shoot me a pm

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342