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  1. I have another question, but this time regarding (possibly fake) velvet pants:

    i've seen some velvet pants (some claiming it to be from F/W '05 just for reference; 5HH101991 S11 N001) that had only the top button saying "DIOR HOMME", but the rest of the buttons look normal unmarked.

    another thing was that it's missing the "CD" clasp and it has angled slash pockets (as opposed to the standard horizontal slash pockets). the leather tag looks fine and it has the rear pocket darts

    i was under the impression that all dior denim had the "CD" clasp and that all the denim had hook and clasp fastening.

    [highlight]am i missing something or are these fake?[/highlight]

  2. hi, i'm new here, so if i'm in the wrong thread then my bad :o

    um, my question is regarding Dior Homme denim size tags. i know that in the jeans---before S/S '07 changed it to the grey "Dior" box tag---the tag was a black leather "Dior" tag on the inside back of the waist on one side and a number on a silver/grey tag on the other side.

    my question is: has the size tag EVER been next to the wash tag in the jeans?

    i'm asking because there's a guy on eBay (item # 110182457923) selling a pair of waxed jeans claiming to be from the older Luster collection

    [highlight]the size tag looks like the following:[/highlight]


    any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance :)