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  1. eric lebon sold


    coming up:


    haider ackermann black cotton + silk lapel kimono shirt S nwt

    haider ackermann leopard print silk kimono S shirt 

    haider ackermann black suede rope belt O/S nwt

    aitor throup calf pocket trouser 30"

    ccp 09 gloved shirt

  2. finally got the black dust spots off my point and shoot by disassembling. still some faint white spots i can't get off


    took new main photos of remaining items, updated

  3. made own tonkatsu. turned out pretty perfect


    not dried out and grey like i am used to from chinese owned japanese ayce


    used this recipe http://www.justonecookbook.com/recipes/tonkatsu/



    - used random chinese "spice salt" instead of black pepper + kosher salt

    - froze them before frying




    dunno what i'm going to deep fry next. probably oysters, but maybe fried durian. had that once at dimsum and i really liked it, even though i absolutely hate durian