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  1. AITOR THROUP calf pocket trousers 

    Collection: 2010 "LEGS"
    Country: Made in England
    Shell Material: Super 80s worsted Huddersfield wool
    Lining Material: Super 130s worsted Huddersfield wool
    Main Colour: Greys

    Labeled Size: 30" (fits small)
    Recommended Equivalent Size: EU 44 / US 28 (XS)

    Waist: 37 cm (14.6 in)
    Inseam: 86.5 cm (34.1 in)
    Outseam: 116 cm (45.7 in)
    Leg Opening: 14 cm (5.5 in)
    Front Rise: 36 cm (14.2 in)
    Thigh @ Crotch: 29 cm (11.4 in)
    Knee: ~21-22 cm (8.3-8.7 in)

    Condition: Used / Pre-Owned
    Price (shipped NA): $800 CAD (~$650 USD / 610 EUR / 440 GBP)

    - rare Aitor Throup calf pocket trousers from his first retail release, 2010 "LEGS"
    - features hidden calf pockets operated by hidden zips, and adjustable foot guards with hidden leather baseplate (up/down)
    - high waist, super drop crotch, slim legs, dropped rear pockets
    - fastens with a long YKK metal zipper, and exposed top button
    - comes in a medium/dark charcoal grey colour
    - fabric is a hefty Super 80s worsted Huddersfield wool, with birdseye pattern
    - matching fabric on top button fastener, and on zipper pulls of calf pocket zippers and foot guard zips
    - completely lined in contrast black/white Super 130s worsted Huddersfield wool
    - 8 belt loops
    - signature double dart system transformed into hamstring pleat
    - articulated knee pleats
    - hidden foot guard leather soles, can stow against back of ankles with a button
    - 2 concealed YKK zippers per foot guard to allow you to slide the foot guard on/off
    - 2 front angled flap pockets
    - 2 large YKK zipped pouch pockets on each calf
    - 2 dropped flapped pockets on back of thighs
    * SIZING ADVICE: fits small, highly recommend EU 44 / US 28, I am a 46 lower, and it is too tight all over
    ** inseam/outseam measurement includes foot guard to the toes
    *** please note measurements are exterior, this item is FULLY lined
    - booklet photo here
    - presentation photo here
    (! am willing to trade for 32" of same item)





  2. i am in Canada


    but yes it exists, although not every store has it. depends on chain. as far as i know most grocery stores don't have it (loblaws does tho)


    and that doesn't even solve the problem. slow people go to self-checkout just the same. or old people who take forever to read / figure out the interface. i experience this plenty at hardware/department stores (canadian tire / lowes / etc.)

  3. i guess it depends on the person as well


    express is meant for those with fewer items to make the line go faster, which some people ignore and the cashier doesn't give a shit


    but on top of that i seem to always get stuck behind many people who wait in line who aren't ready to pay. they wait until the cashier scans everything, look at the total, then pull out their wallet (or fish through their damn purse for 2 minutes) and then decide based on the total which card they want to use or which cash note to use


    it takes so damn long. i always have my card out when i'm next in line, like how when you cross canada/usa border on land and it tells you to have your passport ready to save time

  4. made quiches



    - 2 pillsbury crescent rolls lol



    - 1 cup of cooked ham diced

    - some kale

    - 1 medium onion

    - 4 eggs

    - 1 cup of 35% cream

    - shred some cheese

    - salt + pepper + etc.



    - fry up onion and kale

    - mix up the rest of ingredients

    - 375 F for 30-40 min


    perfectly makes 8 servings @ 4 3/8 inch (~11cm) diameter tins