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  1. Maybe they don't cover all you wrote but we do have 2 shirt threads
  2. Amazing! I'm pretty sure I missed it but what is your job?
  3. Around the waist. So only 0.5" flat measured. I soaked them and afterwards washed them on hand setting. I guess I need to ne harsher
  4. Quick fit pic of my new LVC '47. I'll definitely gonna wash them again as they barely shrank 1" in the waist and not even 2" in the inseam. So I expect more shrinkage to come which I wanna get rid off rather now than later.
  5. I'm still think about joining with my S409XXX Santa Cruz...but and contests and then a repro pair. Not a bright outlook
  6. It looks one-wash?! Can you close the top button? The Banner Denim is very stretchy
  7. So who from Sufu will join this round?
  8. Typical Full Count stuff
  9. Beautiful! They are coming along nicely.
  10. The waist of FC regular denim will stretch easily back to raw measurements and even beyond. So yes they will stretch. Whar pair of LVC do you compare with? For example I have the LVC 47 in size 36 but FC 1101 in 33 and the FC 1108 in 34 (mainly because of the slimmer thigh&hips(.
  11. Thanks guys! That smurf stain is actually pickle which came on to the jeans when I hit some stainless steal which was about to be welded.
  12. My WW2 Santa Cruz and M-47 M-47
  13. The 1001 has a bigger leg opening than the 800 though. But since the 1001 has more room in the top block they have probably a stronger taper than the 800, which starts out slimmer. Does the LVC 44 really have a narrower leg opening than the 47? I didn't know that
  14. Nice haul and thanks for the impression review. Looking forward to some pictures!
  15. It’s slowly turning into a „first world problem“-thread, eh? BTW, where is Volvo?