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  1. Yeah that is the standard 1001 with the Banner Denim.
  2. @volvo240thebest nice fit and welcome to the club! Your picture makes the denim look like the Sugar Cane Slack Denim. Really quite irregular. @kevypf597 the 1001XX should use the heavier 14.5oz denim not the Banner Denim.
  3. @jewellben I'm on holidays right now. Gonna measure them in about 10 days or so for you
  4. I'm sure you can shrink them down nicely happy for you that you finally got your pair
  5. They fit you really well! My pair is slightly baggy in the top block.
  6. Wasn't there a thread comparing LVC 66, SC 66 and Denime 66XX by Dr. House?
  7. I'm not sure LVC (or rather Cone in this case) uses Magnadraft nowadays. They just try to replicate the effect Magnadraft had on the texture without really using Magnadraft. With Resolute 710 you have a good brand for late 60s denim and also TCB's 60s jeans are nice
  8. just click on the bold volvo240thebest on the quote from Max
  9. Thanks for that! Otherwise I would have missed it. @volvo240thebest is a great guy and an enrichment to the community!
  10. Took advantage of some new offerings by Yoshiaki
  11. They look seriously great!
  12. Because of stiffness of the fabric (from starch) you might see sharper creases with higher contrast fading. But also the durability may suffer from the crispness of the fabric. Also the dirt that builds up in the fabric and threads from never washing can have a negative impact on the integrity of the jeans. That said, Swissjeansfreak never washes his jeans so it is doable.
  13. Samurai is usually always sold raw. If one-wash is available, the shop has washed the jeans. But 2ND always sold raw
  14. Cotton threads...probably I should wash them more often.
  15. Some pre-mature repairs on my FC1108