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  1. One of my buddies is at Sarah Lawrence for an MFA in creative writing. He really enjoys the experience, but struggles determining when something is 'finished.' Were it not for the fact he is a trust fund baby, he wouldn't be doing the program for it is unfunded.

    my cousin went to sarah lawrence, too. i guess i'm less interested in the name of the institution i attend and more on being allowed the time and the space to work on my writing. also it seems that state-run, fully-funded programs provide such support because all the students end up being TAs, and since I can definitely see teaching in my future, that route seems like the way to go for me. it's really difficult finding progressive nonfiction programs, though. wyoming and arizona are probably my top two. the only reason i'm not applying to iowa (aka best mfa in the country) is because i did undergrad there/i lived there for most of my life and don't really want to go back.

  2. Hey Guys.

    Some friends and I are working on putting out the first issue of our online quarterly lit mag. It's called BASED. We're working out of San Francisco, Iowa City, and New York. There is no word limit, although we're really looking for prose poems, lyric essays and flash fiction. Interviews would be nice, too. There's also a need for artwork, photography and graphic essays/unusual comics. I think it'd be fun to incorporate animated GIFs and short video pieces as well.

    So if you're interested, please send me a PM.

    Deadline for submissions for the debut issue is October 1st, 2013. But we're always accepting new material. Only previously unpublished works will be accepted.


    Thanks for reading!

  3. to switch it up a little.. does anybody know a site where i can check out some of the tips that jean gives on wearing denim? ive heard him talk about "an old rocker trick": rubbing cigarette ashes into yer jeans then rubbing your hands thru yer hair and rubbing yer hair grease over that.. not saying that id actually do this.. i just think itd be an interesting read and maybe some of what he has to say id find useful.

    this is a really interesting idea... i'd be into reading about different kinds of techniques, too. can anyone reference a website or maybe even a thread on sufu?

    here's a blog post on apc's "coral beach wash" mentioned on the information sheet you get when you order a pair of their jeans:


  4. i've been meaning to ask around about the stuff... i tried it three or so times last summer but never really broke through. after doing mushrooms last week, i can definitely say dmt is my preferred psychedelic.

    i saw the spirit molecule a couple months ago. what did you guys think of it?

    quinnskimo, that's a great story

  5. This is the only thread were ppl consider returning jeans BECAUSE THEY FIT.

    a lot of bad advice in this thread... perhaps the source of "sizing anxiety."

  6. i'm a french major, and i didn't start really learning the language until my freshman year at the university. it's been a rough journey, and i've mostly learned how to write french, not speak it. it seems like, after almost four years, i can almost write as well in french as in english, but my speaking skills are real shit.

    this: http://duolingo.com/

    looking interesting. i guess you translate sentences from various websites and learn while you do it. it's only in spanish and german right now, but i think french and some others are coming soon.

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