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  1. yeah my favorite TT shots are him shooting a crowd of photographers all shooting a model or a crowd. breaking the fourth wall, sort of thing. kind of?

    yea. his photography goes beyond the stop. ask. pose. snap. There's something peculiar about his photography and the way he plays with that fourth wall you mentioned. The way he picks up the details on people's clothing as they walk by is beyond my understanding, esp when he's caught up in the clutter of fashion week crowds.

  2. tommy ton is always on point with his photography. are there any other street bloggers of this quality? Sartorialist is an obvious one but his posts are boring. Street Peeper sucks too.

  3. ^^^ you do realize that most of those instances happened when the respective reddit users were like 14-16?

    most of sufu is 20somethings fyi

    most of the stories involving college experiences involve people that are around 20 fyi. man if this doesn't make you laugh i don't know what will

  4. LESSON: pay attention to signals guys!! This post is a real LOL


    "I once had a cute female in my bed. Said she was cold. So...I gave her another blanket. Not one of my most shining moments."

    "One time, a girl kissed me on a school bus without warning and told me that I could get off at her stop and we could walk to her house because her parents weren't home. I said no because I was going to miss dragonball z"

  5. i would've been happy for nate that he finally got saved from that sinking ship of a team but that little prick was acting the bitch all series. hope the celtics get dismantled and nate ends up as the starting PG

  6. the manga right? it was good shit. i didn't really understand how edward was able to come back from the gate after roy mentioned him not being able to come back after sacrificing his ability to preform alchemy.

  7. the lakers are confusing. they went from a close game to what was essentially a blowout. It wasn't even the refs. wwwwhhhhaaattt ggiiiivveeessssss?? the lakers are getting a cut of that dirty game 7 money..

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