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  1. I just received a Blue Oxford from shopdetour,

    i'm very pleased with there service and quick delivery to oz..

    Great shirt!! im definately going to have to buy more of them. cant wait for more styles to come out.

  2. I just talked to Jesse, one of the owners of Detour in Milwaukee. They have Gitman and ships to Aus

    You legend!!

    its free shipping also, cant wait till they get more stock in of the blue oxford

  3. Hey all i just received my skulls 5010xx 6x6 size 32 from fabfour.

    i wear New Cures 31, thin finns 31.

    these fit perfectly, if i had downsized i reckon these would have been too tight.

    These jeans are really amazing!! i cant wait to wear em in and get some good photos up for you all. i couldnt believe how stiff they are, but ive been wearing them for the last 4 hours and they have loosened up.




  4. Hello All,

    These where an impulse purchase, they are size 9US. New

    I wear vans and converse at size 9 and these pointers fit perfectly.

    I would like 70AUD + 13AUD (postage within AUS) if you want worldwide postage add an extra 30AUD.




  5. i wear size 31 nudies thin finn dry stretch wut size new cures should i get? size 30 or 31?

    I own 2 pairs of thin finns sized 31

    I am currently wearing size 31 in New Cures and they fit perfectly, as mentioned previously just a tad tight on thighs but better cut than thin finns ;)

    Once you get a pair of New Cures you wont wear your thin Finns anymore. They are awesome

    good luck

  6. Hello,

    these where purchased from Cultizm, in early February 2009. I would wear these in rotation with my jeans, so not much wear in these. Reason im selling is, i really want a pair of Skull 1050 6x6. So i need these to fund my purchase.

    These are in near new condition, plenty of life left in these.

    Tagged Size 31 (waist) 32 (length)

    Im looking at 140US

    Paypal only

    20US extra for postage to US, UK

    7US extra for postage within Australia.

    Thanks all





  7. Hey there,

    I don't want to do this but i need to sell my Imperial Shearers size 31.

    I bought them in July this year, i have only worn them about 7 times. I feel i should have gone for the size 32.

    Also i prefer a tighter fit, like my Nudie Thin Finns or APC new Cure.

    If you would like photos please PM me.

    Willing to let these go for $185US + 25US for shipping world wide

    Paypal only.


  8. finally got myself a pair of Imperial Shearers... i didnt realise how high the rise really is.

    but very impressed with the quality ane fit tho.

    Fits nicely at ankles and very comortable to move in.

    i wear a size 31 in nudie and APC new cure and these are really tight around the waist, can feel they are starting to stretch out. Unforunately i dont have my digital camera with me, ill take photos when i can. Looks awesome with Yellow Mexico 66 asics.


  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342