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  1. Rare Raf Simons Coat fw '98/99 sz46

    Is this still available?
  2. 40$ shipped. Measurements (inches): 16 waist 11.5 thigh 26 inseam 7 leg opening Too big for me, a true 28. Would fit 30 best, has been slimmed and tapered.
  3. Pho?!?!?!?!

    YES!!! That exactly, know the name? I assumed it was French, but didn't want people thinking I was putting baguettes in my Pho or something.
  4. Pho?!?!?!?!

    Best pho I ever tasted was of course, off vendors on the street of Vietnam. Second best (after home made) had this options of adding in slice bread. It was chewy and flaky, and the mixture of beef broth with the flavor of the bread was fucking delicious. Anyone know what type of bread I'm taking about?
  5. bump price drop 250 + shipping
  6. 265 + shipping 7UK 8US For reference I wear 9 in Nike, loose 41 in CP, 8 in Clarks Condition is worn but not heavily so, always used with shoe trees and the occasional polish. Soles have been topyed for extra protection. Looking to sell these QUICKLY so if anyone wants them for sure within the next 48 hours I'll take off shipping.
  7. For reference I take a 9 in nikes, 8 in Clarks, and 41 in CPs high tops Please PM if you have any questions, need measurements, fit pics, etc. All Saints Horizon Boots 42 (UK 8) (US 9) --> 85 USD shipped *fits big (I could do a size down just for reference) All Saints Sweater S (fits more like XS, best for 46/44) --> 40 USD shipped *super slim fitting, only piece from All Saints I own that's in a size small, would be comparable in quality and slimness to JCrew XS except slimmer Diesel Shoes 8 --> 40 USD shipped *fits kind of small on me