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  1. 5 hours ago, knucks said:

    Thanks for that, I just didn't know whether the package declares that it's a MiC product :)

    All packages that gets shipped include a commercial invoice. The ones that are shipped from the mothersite will indicate where the product is made from. If it's being shipped from another retailer, it may or may not indicate where it is made from. For example when I purchased from one of the American retailers, it did not indicate it's country of origin on the commercial invoice. 

  2. I went with size medium and these fit perfectly. Initially, I was worries about the waist size given I am waist size 29~ so naturally I should go with small as I wear small in everything else.

    But given I am 6 feet tall, the original advice was to go with the length of the pants instead of waist size. This couldn't be more right, as I think a small size would have come up short with the extended cuffs. You can tighten the waist size quite a bit and it sits at my hip instead of waist. 

    I am having issues attaching pics with my phone so I can upload some pics later if anyone wants for reference.

    Hope that helps.



  3. Ordered the P30DS in size M. Was told its about the length of the pants that matter for these and not the waist as I am normally a size 29/30 which I normally go size small. I'm also 6 feet tall.

    If anyone can confirm that would be great.  


  4. Hey guys, just wondering if there are any spots that might carry ACR in Japan as I'm heading there next week. Especially any used stores anyone might recommend. 

  5. 5 hours ago, ArmandGLA said:

    So I have been thinking of pulling the trigger on a J47TS-GT jacket that I found in my size, anyone here that owns one or has owned can give any input on the pros and cons compared to the J47A which I have been patiently waiting for to pop up for sale. 

    Here is a picture of me I posted on instagram for fit if it helps. 6'0, 150ibs. I havent purchased any liners yet but I can comfortably fit my patagonia ultra light down jacket under this. Its my first acronym jacket so I cant really  give you a comparison. If you want to know any specifics let me know and I can try to answer your questions. 


  6. On 10/30/2018 at 12:30 AM, TestaRossaTed said:

    Make sure you check ALL the pockets, I thought mine was missing too but found out they stuffed the tape and the little goretex booklet in the lower hand pocket

    Just checked. You were right, it was in the lower left hand pocket. 

  7. my  j47ts seemed to be missing the logo tape with the Acronym logo. I checked the jacket everywhere, just wanted to make sure i didnt miss it anywhere before i send a message to them. 

  8. 51 minutes ago, strikethrough said:

    I did send them a response to my invoice email but there’s no indication that that made any difference. Didn’t get a response back.

    The funny thing about it all, now that I think about it, is that the P10’s are listed on the mother site as having been made in Switzerland, which is not a member state of the EU, and therefore wouldn’t be subject to the CETA rules (must be manufactured in and shipped from an EU member state) but happens to have its own free-trade agreement with Canada *shrug*.

    Edit: Actually, just checked the COD notice attached to the package, the country of origin is listed as CZ, so maybe it did get processed under CETA after all.

    I assume its 13% HST on the converted canadian amount.  example: 1250 EUR * CAD/EUR 1.54~ * 1.13 HST? 

  9. My friend bought a pair of imperial dukes from selfedge a week ago, and he bought a size too big.

    Shipping is from Toronto, Canada

    Selling them for 250 shipped.

    They have only been tried on and he hemmed them to like 36.5. Looking to trade for APC New Standards (indigo) + cash

    Here are the pictures:




    If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.

  10. after watching machida last night, i have no idea who can take him. hes way too elusive for anyone to beat him.. i thought silva was gonna put up a decent fight against him and hopefully expose some weaknesses of machida.. but no silva just fell into his mind games

    bring it on machida vs anderson silva!

  11. if I'm from Canada and I order on the website, can it be marked as gift so I dont have to pay duties?

    they declare all items marked as gift and 100 dollar value. theres a note section when you order if you want them to declare a lower value

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