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  1. I highly respect this. Maybe its because i'm still in college, but I am constantly surrounded by people who just feel the need to find someone to date, fuck, whatever. I haven't met many who can just truly be independent.


    That being said.. I'm really into this one girl. We've hung out a couple of times and they've gone fairly well but she's hard to read. I can't tell whether there is any sort of mutual interest. Friends tell me that the fact that she's said yes to the times I've asked to hang, and the types of things we've done (sitting at the beach and just talking, supply shopping together, etc.) shows some sort of interest but I still am unsure just because she seems like the person who is just chilled out enough to do all of this with a friend-zoned guy. At this point though I think need to be straightforward with her and just find out. 


    if you want to be alone and do something you feel is more interesting thats fine. MOst people at your age just have them urges...

  2. realistically, i would probably only get one of them, and then save the rest of my money for a better watch later this year. that probably makes better sense in the long run.

    so it comes to a case of this or that?

  3. Okay,

    thinking about replacing my lost watch.... and i'm happy to spend about $700 or so.

    SEIKO premier direct drive moonphase, sapphire crystal, great finishing:



    Hamilton Field Khaki Titanium; automatic, titanium, casual.


    The Seiko looks great in person, and probably goes well with a suit, which i'll be wearing pretty much 5 days of the week.

    but the hamilton just looks so fucking cool, and i can rock it anywhere.. plus it's an automatic too.

    maybe i'll get both? or maybe someone can recommend me another watch. I currently have no watches.

  4. Not buying the answer.

    To answer your question...don't think it dawned on any of the superfriends here...including you....

    so why did it take you 4 or 5 years? you've been here since 2006 - never noticed did you? well i did.

    time for some new shit. this is 2011 -yall been slackin.

    shut up. nao

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