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  1. maybe so (never happened yet), but you on the other hand would get a beating merely for looking the way you do. nice try, you chicken hawk sporting dead african-american listening hot topic freak.

    even if you'd talk smack like that, which I'm certain you don't, coming from a pudgy loser like you you'd rather get laughed upon than beat up.

    by the way I realized what was missing from your photo:


    hint: when you try to act like an internet tough guy, dont post pictures of yourself looking like a fat gay cleaning lady hipster.

  2. waywt%20007.jpg

    the fact that you look like you're 5'2" and have the physique of a little boy doesn't really make oversized tops look too good. this looks incredibly shitty, you look like a combination of a window cleaner and a 15 year old girl wearing her dads shirt.

  3. this is probably the single most retarded thread in supertrash. other genius makes a thread about "looking gud" and another loser spends an hour arguing with him. time well spent, retards.

  4. DSC00472.jpg

    Jacket: HM

    Shirt: Random vit

    Jeans: Neil Barret

    Shoes: Acne

    is that a pocket square? it looks like a folded paper. your blazer is too short, some people work a short jacket but this one is obviously not one of those, the sleeves hang awkwardly. the jeans (?) look horrible and wearing cuffed denim with a jacket and white shirt looks stupid.


    Upperhalf: Horace and G-sus

    Bottom: 80's deadstock

    what the hell is this? loose-ass unfitting sweat pants with rainboots and a puffy down jacket is quite next level, but it looks horrifying.

  5. posers? look whos talking you wannabe militant fuck. im not defending hap here, but the only posts ive seen from you have been shitty.
    wow wtaps! supreme! who's the poser?

    you are the biggest chump on here.

    you have a lot of nerve calling anyone a poser you right wing wannabe 90's asian skater/special ops fuck.

    cmon lets see just one ollie spex.

    (p.s. kid does look good but its not cause he is wearing fancy sneakers)


  6. quote got left out of the original post

    It's actually because his upper arms (triceps) are so fat (buff). I remember there was a thread about it. :confused:

    how would that explain the above outfit?

    its all about the goofy posture he has, guy look like he shit his pants.

  7. look how fucking low your post count is you caint say shit son ^^^
    look how fucking low your post count is you caint say shit son ^^^
    look how fucking low your post count is you caint say shit son ^^^
    look how fucking low your post count is you caint say shit son ^^^
    look how fucking low your post count is you caint say shit son ^^^


  8. ^^ Im happy I dont try do do "streetwear". Mad complicated.

    serious business.

    I'm glad I got out of streetwear when I was 17, now I dont need to look the same I did 10 years ago and preach to kids on the internet.

  9. say this actually occured, that someone dressed differently to take pictures then they'd otherwise would. I'd rather look at said pictures than read some loudmouth asshole whining about it. stfu.

    hey, my 100th post was dedicated to you Asslegs

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