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  1. waywt? saved my life

    u mad? 10char
  2. waywt? saved my life

  3. waywt? saved my life

    ^Dunno whether or not to make fun of that shitty haircut or your harry potter robe
  4. waywt? saved my life

    All of Soho just called. They said you're a fruity pebbles lookin faggot.
  5. SOMET Denim

    Ive been looking towards a new pair of indigo for awhile now and after seeing the fit pics in here, the 008 slims have been catching my eye. Just curious, I wear about a 27 in DH 19s and those seem to fit me fine. Perfect fit to be quite honest. Should I be looking towards a 26 in these?
  6. Supreme Malcolm X tee sz M. From last line. Looking for 55 shipped Supreme New World Order sz M. From last years Winter collection. looking for 55 shipped Supreme "Raging Bull" Jake La Motta tee sz M. From 05. Looking for about 65 shipped Supreme x Public Enemy Mugshots tee sz M. From 06 I think. Looking for 65 shipped Supreme They Hate Us tee. From 05 I believe. Looking for about 65 shipped Supreme x Neckface. From 03. Chances you see this one again are pretty seldom. Looking for about 90 shipped Supreme Locked Up. From 06. Looking for about 65 shipped
  7. Wtap Slipons size 9. These are from the 003 syndicate line and are the original Wtap collab with vans. Looking for about 80 + shipping Thanks for viewing. Remember everything is OBO so just offer
  8. Supreme Evil Empire skate high size 9.5. These are another rare shoe and the chances you will ever find them in this good of condition, and this colorway are probably slim to none. OG box and all. Looking for 200 + shipping Vans Bulletproof halfcabs Size 9. Worn about 5x. Looking for 90 + shipping
  9. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL -Located in So Cal (Bernardino area to be exact) -Will not ship first under any circumstance. - I accept money order, meetup, or concealed cash (your own risk). I refuse to use paypal seeing as I was scammed recently through it and refuse to deal with them. - Meetups are welcome in the So Cal area. I will come to you for a couple more dollars to pay for my gasoline. Other then that, I pick time and place. Unless, I am driving to you, in which you will pick time and place. - No lowball offers. I feel the price I have set for these is incredibly reasonable. Offers are always welcome though -Best way to contact me is AIM (LKxScubaSteve) or PM -Pic requests are always accepted and I encourage them. If you have any questions or need more pics, please let me know Active Drop Shoes Not Bombs half cabs. Size 9.5 Worn 2x. Looking for 110 + shipping (Good luck finding these again) Supreme FBI Skate highs. These are a 2004 release so the chances you will find these again are extremely seldom. Looking for 110 + shipping Supreme x Public Enemy Skate High size 9.5. Worn 5x. OG box and all. Looking for about 185 + shipping
  10. MJ vans + SExIH Indigos. Dirt fucking cheap.

    Sexy Hoez Is Gone!!!! Buy Buy Buy Vans!!!!
  11. MJ vans + SExIH Indigos. Dirt fucking cheap.

    Both still availible. Will trade both for a pair of SExIMPs in indigo if anyone really wants both items
  12. MJ vans + SExIH Indigos. Dirt fucking cheap.

    Vans pending. Nobody wants the SExIHs?
  13. MJ vans + SExIH Indigos. Dirt fucking cheap.

    Receiving a few offers on the jeans but nothing really worthy of the sale yet. Keep em comin