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  1. do you guys think oregon has a good enough defense to handle cam newton? i mean that dude has run over every defense he has encountered. i hate him but he's damn good.

    do you think Auburn has a good enough defense to handle Oregon? :eek:

    i'll be rooting for the ducks although I have a feeling auburn will somehow squeeze out a close victory.

  2. ^ You need to sign up at callofduty.com and link your gamertag with your youtube account. After you edit your clip in the theatre mode select the clip for playback and watch. Once done there should be an option to 'render clip' which will upload the video to youtube. if you have any trouble shoot me a pm.

    @ Mr Waffles: Yes, the baby buffalo are out in droves. Played a few games with Battles (architeqt) and we crushed.


    our team had 8 deaths but the other team only had 7 kills because one of our guys fell of the map :(


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