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  1. 11 minutes ago, TheEscapist said:

    @heyson RT2s arrived today, thanks. I think a 31 would work most likely, and I bet that given your situation with the 32s, they'd be happy to measure a specific pair before you buy them.

    Separately, an unsoaked pair fo CB1 Big Bros, what a find! 

    Glad they arrived safely!

    Im hesitant to order these. The RT2 31 were just too small albeit a slimmer fit. 

    SE has yet to get back to me :/

  2. @mpukas thanks for your input. I have about .5-1" give in the cloth patch R01 and cloth patch test lots. I had purchased the last size 32 on SE website, and then an hour later they refunded me because they said the stock quantity was incorrect on their website. bummer. Now I am considering the 31

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